Pro-Life Activist Paints “Baby Lives Matter” Outside Charlotte Planned Parenthood


While several cities in the US have used tax dollars to paint “Black Lives Matter” across city streets in support of an ideological movement that only lifts up the value of certain black lives, pro-life advocates have mimicked this trend with their message that all life has value.

A pro-life activist in Charlotte, North Carolina has painted “Baby Lives Matter” on the street outside the local Planned Parenthood Wednesday before moving on to another abortion provider known as the “Preferred Women’s Health Center,” Breitbart reports.

The activist, Tyler Hansen, is now seeking a “redaction” from local media after he claims they misreported on incidents surrounding the mural.

Hansen said he is looking for a “redaction” from one news outlet that reported patients of the Planned Parenthood facility “in the historically Black neighborhood” of Cherry were complaining that pro-life activists were making “racist remarks” against them.

“I was NOT apart of the group they claimed I am, I expect a redaction!” he tweeted.

According to local outlet WBTV, Hansen said he is “trying to raise awareness in a truly peaceful way,” something for which we certainly applaud him.

While activists who claim to lift up the value of black life seem more interested in devaluing the lives of those they disagree with while damaging and stealing property that belongs to people of all colors and backgrounds, pro-life activists are using these powerful words to denounce the murder of the unborn in the womb.

Nothing dehumanizes black babies, or the value of all human life, like abortion, which occurs among black mothers at an alarmingly high rate at Planned Parenthood facilities.

In July, as Breitbart reported at the time, Hansen painted the same message outside a Salt Lake City, Utah Planned Parenthood clinic.

The activist had explained in a video message that he “felt inclined to demonstrate a true peaceful protest dedicated to those abandoned without a voice.”

“With recent events unfolding, everybody knows about the Black Lives Matter murals unfolding around the nation,” he also told KUTV News at the time. “I thought I would bring awareness to one of the biggest human rights crises that nobody wants to talk about.”

Breitbart notes Hansen has also done the same in Richmond and Washington.

This peaceful and powerful message is one we wholeheartedly support. The only true way to affirm the value of life is to affirm the value of all lives. How we treat the weakest and most innocent among is is the mark of the morality of our nation and by this count, our nation has fallen dreadfully short for decades.

It is time we end the bloodshed and restore the right to life for all Americans, black and white, big and small, born and unborn.

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