Pro-Life Documentary Reveals How Clinic Workers Hide Ultrasounds From Abortion-Minded Mothers


A pro-life documentary has revealed yet another way the abortion industry preys on mothers and their children: refusing to allow abortion-minded women to see ultrasound images of their babies.

According to Live Action, several post-abortive women share their heartbreaking stories in “Life After Abortion,” a documentary directed by Brian Barkley.

Several women interviewed in the film shared that they were prevented from seeing the ultrasound images of their children by clinic workers and doctors.

“As the nurse was performing the ultrasound, I watched her, and she was looking at my baby on the monitor,” one woman recalled. “And I asked her, I said, ‘Can I see my baby?’ And she took the monitor, literally, with her hands, and turned it away from me.”

“As I was watching the monitor, the nurse and the doctor asked me not to watch. They turned the monitor away,” said another woman.

Still another woman shared how a clinic worker actually became angry with her when she happened to glance at the ultrasound.

“And I turned to look at the screen and thought, ‘that looks like a baby,’” she said. “Well, she got very upset and yelled at me, and said, ‘turn around, don’t you dare look at that!’”

Yet another woman recalled how a crafty clinic worker mislead her when she asked to see her baby on the screen:

And they had the screen turned away from me. And I asked to see it. And she said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

I told her, “no, I really wanted to see it before I went through with it.”

So, she ran the probe across my stomach, turned the screen toward me, and showed me a dot on the screen. I thought, “that’s it? Well, I can do this.”…

I bought the lie. I now know, she didn’t show me my baby. She just showed me a dot on the screen so that I would go through with the abortion.


As Live Action explains, these are just a handful of the countless testimonies from women about abortionists clinic staff refusing to show them an ultrasound, knowing that most women allowed a glimpse of their child will choose not to have him or her killed.

In her 2016 book, “What the Nurse Saw: Eyewitness to Abortion,” former clinic worker Brenda Pratt-Shafer echoed the stories of these women, recalling the practice of hiding and muting the ultrasound monitor at her clinic that specialized in late-term and partial birth abortions:

The abortionist knows that if the mother knew there was a heartbeat or saw the fetus (baby) on the ultrasound, she would probably change her mind about the abortion. When an ultrasound was performed at the abortion clinic, the screen was turned away from the mother and the sound was turned off so the mother could not hear or see it.

Other women in the film were lied to by abortion workers about the humanity of their children and the nature of the abortion procedures to be performed on them. One recalled:

They proceeded to tell me that I was too far along in my pregnancy to have what they called an “easy” abortion, that I was going to have to take a two-day procedure, they were actually going to put me into labor, and the word surgery was used. I began to get frightened. I told them I couldn’t stay for two days for this procedure. My parents did not even know I was pregnant, and I had to go home that night.

Just before I got to the car, someone from the office staff came running after me and said, “wait, wait, we made a mistake! We’ll take care of your problem, you’ll be gone in 30 minutes, and you’ll never think about this day again.” I followed them back in because I believed them.

“They explained to me that it was a blob,” another woman said of her experience. “That it wasn’t anything yet.”

Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL and former abortion doctor turned pro-life advocate, knew exactly what he was saying when he penned that “Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.”

The blessing of ultrasound imaging technology for pregancies offers countless benefits to expectant families and can indeed be a lifesaver to the child whose very existence is at risk of being snuffed out. It’s no wonder abortionists would do everything they can to keep women from peering into the “windows” of their wombs—they’d be out of a job!

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