Pro-Life Group Stuns Students With Live Ultrasounds In Private School Classrooms


A pro-life group based in Omaha, Nebraska is taking a radically life-affirming approach to teaching the next generation about the sanctity of human life: live ultrasounds in classrooms.

“Our presentations bring the heart of the unborn child to our youth through ultrasound technology,” reads the website of Heart of a Child Ministries. “With the support of pregnant volunteers, professional ultrasound monographers social workers and speakers, we offer three age appropriate presentations for grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12 in both Catholic or Christian settings and in public, non-religious settings.”

Posted by Heart of a Child Ministries on Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Omaha World-Herald profiled the ministry, giving a recap of a typical ultrasound presentation at a local private school:

Haley Lubek, 24 weeks into her pregnancy, lay on a wooden folding cot inside the student center at Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha.

A dozen students sat in the room with her and watched as ultrasound technician Angela Himmelberg passed the machine’s probe over Lubek’s gently bulging tummy.

Himmelberg narrated as a live video image projected on a wall.

“Can you see the eyes?” Himmelberg asked the students.

“Here’s an arm right here … there’s a foot digging into the placenta.”

Although Nikki Schaefer, director of Heart of a Child Ministries, said the presentations have been well-received, a presentation at the St. Margaret Mary school scheduled back in February was canceled after parents expressed “concerns.”

While reasons for the cancellation were not given, the World-Herald speculates that “the sensitive nature of the topic, concerns that the presentation could be political and the age-appropriateness appear to be factors with some parents.”

Schaefer opted to give a preview to St. Margaret Mary parents to determine for themselves the age-appropriateness of the presentation.

“Instead of showing gory pictures of aborted fetuses to dissuade women from abortions,” the World-Herald noted, Heart of a Child volunteers have traveled as far as California giving schoolchildren unforgettable insight into what pregnancy really is—the development of a real, living, human baby.

The presentation scans, Lubek told the World-Herald, do not take the place of prenatal ultrasounds reviewed by her doctor.

Instead, Lubek says she—and her precious baby girl—volunteered for Heart of a Child to send a message to children.

“It’s a very profound message,” she said, “to be able to see a live baby inside of you.”

“The part that really got me was the heartbeat,” said Jake Newman, a student in attendance at the presentation. “Not even hearing it but seeing it. You can literally see the baby’s heart pounding out of its chest. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t even look away. It was awesome.”

After the ultrasound, presenter and former abortion clinic worker Kristen New shared with students how she became pro-life after seeing the remains of an aborted baby.

“She told the students that the abortion issue will touch them all,” the World-Herald reported. “It’s not enough, she said, that they have compassion for the unborn. They must have compassion for the woman considering abortion and everyone involved, she said.”

“The women need to know you care about more than just their baby,” New said.

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