Pro Life Group Uncovers Gruesome Organ Harvesting From University Abortion Clinic


A California pro-life advocacy group has uncovered the gruesome practice of harvesting organs from babies aborted at the University of California San Francisco’s Women’s Options Centers.

According to The Daily Wire, Pro-Life San Francisco learned of UCSF’s doings via documents the group requested through the California Public Records Act.

Among the documents provided by the public, taxpayer-funded school were “Arrival/Departure and Collection Lists:” logs itemizing human tissue collected from babies aborted at the school’s clinics.

The documents were reviewed by pro-life news outlet Live Action, which reported that nearly all the documents list “genitalia and/or gonads” harvested from the babies.

The report states:

Out of 43 logs, 42 document the harvesting of genitalia and/or gonads. It seems ironic that these “scientists,” who work for an institution that postures itself as a frontline warrior in the battle for so-called “reproductive justice,” spend their days mutilating the reproductive organs of people whose lives have been brutally ended under the banner of “reproductive choice.”

Live Action also notes that the dates indicated on the university documents suggest that fetal organs were being harvested during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic—meanwhile other California businesses, schools, churches, and more were subject to stringent lockdowns.

Pro-Life San Francisco described UCSF, which operates over 100 abortion training programs nationwide, as the “late-term abortion training capital of the U.S.”

On that basis, Pro-Life San Francisco also requested university documents regarding its procedures in the event of a baby being born alive after a failed abortion.

However, university attorneys told Pro-Life San Francisco that such documents do not exist “because UCSF/the Women’s Options Centers have no protocol for determining the viability of abortion survivors, or for providing care to them.”

“This is a tacit admission of the possibility that abortion survivors are simply left to die, without so much as the basic humane provision of palliative care,” the pro-life organization declared.

Pro-Life San Francisco has long fought the university in an effort to end its “complicity in human torture.”

“We demand action against UCSF for their complicity in human torture and for requesting continued funding for research that creates an artificial dependency on aborted body parts,” the organization declared.

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