Pro-Life Nativity Scene Held Outside SCOTUS Following Critical Abortion Case Arguments


A nativity scene that is held every year outside the U.S. Supreme Court took on new meaning this year as it was acted out following arguments surrounding a Mississippi abortion law in a case that has the potential of weakening or even overturning Roe v. Wade.

The organization Faith & Liberty conducts the reenactment of Christ’s birth every year but this year, the event came less than 24 hours after crowds of both pro-life and pro-abortion activists clamored on the steps of the high court to voice their views, The Christian Post reports.

Many of the dozens of attendants of the poignant nativity scene noted what a “blessing” it was to be reminded of the most famous “unplanned” pregnancy in history which brought our Lord Jesus Christ into the world after his mother Mary was chosen to carry the Messiah.

“Yesterday, the court talked about the shedding of innocent blood,” attorney Allan Parker, president of The Justice Foundation, told CP.

“And today, we are witnessing the reenactment of the most innocent blood in American history. Jesus shed His most innocent blood so that even murderers could be forgiven. We just have to humble ourselves and say: ‘Lord, forgive me.’”

Parker told the Christian outlet that the scene was “cleansing the grounds that we stand on after yesterday’s event.”

“Mary’s unplanned pregnancy led to the salvation of the whole world,” he said. “If Mary were alive today, Jesus might have been aborted, and then Jesus and the world would be in darkness instead of having a chance to step into the light.”

Pro-life activist Judy Mcdonough, who attended both the demonstration that took place during the abortion arguments in the SCOTUS and the nativity in association with the group Intercessors For America, told the Post that the coincidence of both events was “God’s timing.”

“It’s all about the humanity of the baby in the womb, and every child is so innocent,” she said.

“I am all about praying, and the nativity scene today is a way that we can act, pray and exercise our constitutional right. Everything about Jesus goes against what we would naturally think about ourselves and who God should be. He’s the only God who came humbly, and He asks us to respond to Him humbly. He is unique because He came humbled, and at the same time, He says [to] bow before Him.”

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