Pro-Life Org Threatens To Sue UC San Francisco Over Arrest Of Activists, Refusal To Publish Fetal Experimentation Records


A group of pro-life activists in California is “coming closer” to suing the University of California-San Francisco over the school’s alleged refusal to honor public records requests on its medical school’s alleged fetal harvesting and experimentation.

The university claimed that Pro-Life San Francisco’s requests were “overly broad,” Robert Byrd, executive coordinator of the group, told The College Fix on behalf of its executive director, Terrisa Bukovinac. Byrd claims that the school is incorrect and that the group actually made “very specific requests for communications regarding the transfer of fetal tissue and a particular researcher.”

“We know the fact that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic will work in UCSF’s favor with most judges,” Byrd told the site, stating that university officials are “absolutely stalling” in hopes of dodging the Freedom of Information Act requests.

Last year, The College Fix reported that Pro-Life San Francisco first went public with its accusations of stonewalling FOIA requests against the university.

The group now plans to seek a legal injunction forcing the school to provide the requested information, as well as sue for the wrongful arrest of activists at the school.

The College Fix continues:

The university claimed that no information on specific fetal harvesting practices was “available” until the researcher using the fetal material had “published a public study,” Byrd told The Fix on behalf of Bukovinac.

Yet Pro-Life San Francisco’s legal counsel had sent UCSF “an extensive list of publicly published studies directly related to almost all of [their] requests,” to no avail. The list, which Byrd shared with The Fix, named the researchers, studies and the associated funding contracts (below).

The publicly available studies published by UCSF researchers include experiments in which the intestines and reproductive tracts of otherwise healthy aborted babies were transplanted into rodents.

Among the “select few” documents that UCSF did release, the email said that Pro-Life San Francisco was able to determine that many regional Planned Parenthood clinics are being staffed by students, not “actual practitioners.”

Back in November, a handful of activists including Bukovinac were arrested public sidewalk outside of UCSF’s Zuckerberg General Hospital—where the group claims fetal harvesting and experimentation is being done under the auspices of UCSF—after the university called in “trespassing” charges.

Hospital administrators claimed that Bukovinac was “within an area” that was too close to the entrance of the building.

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