Pro-Transgender Activists Attempt To Silence Journalist Covering Father’s Journey To Halt His Daughter’s Transition


Last week, we reported on the story of Robert Hoogland, the Canadian father fighting to save his teenage daughter from the irreparable damage caused by “gender transition” therapies imposed on her in a system of “government-approved child abuse.”

The pro-transgenderism advocates handling Hoogland’s daughter have already gotten to work attempting to silence him and threatening him with charges of “family violence.” Now, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, the bold journalist who gave Hoogland a platform to share his identity and his story, is in their crosshairs.

Last week, Thompson reported that she had “received a letter requesting that I take down my video as I am in violation of a publication ban. It stated ‘it restricts publication of information that could identify family members and medical professionals involved in the case.’”

“They further state and want me to confirm that I will comply and remove all copies of the videos that I have posted on my social media, all sites, and if I do not cooperate with this, then they may proceed to seek an order in the BC (British Columbia Supreme Court) on an urgent basis this week,” Thompson continued.

“More than anything, I have had to wrestle with myself, with my conscience, with what I can live with,” Thompson said. “In the face of this travesty of justice, this assault on common sense, parental rights, and the absolute failure to protect a precious youth in our nation, who has been used as a ‘pawn’ for an agenda that will not be fully understood until they are in their adult years, I ask myself, ‘Am I going about to this establishment that wants all of this kept quiet, so that they can keep hurting families and other children?’”

After a healthy amount of “soul-searching,” Thompson bravely determined that she would not comply, that she would not be silenced by this wicked system and pressured to smother Hoogland’s story.

Ultimately, Thompson did submit to the order to remove the video of her interview with Hoogland, but not after we and several other news outlets covered the story. Nonetheless, pro-LGBT attorney barbara findlay (who obnoxiously styles her name in all lower-case letters) sicced the police on Thompson, who called her to the precinct and served her with a court order.

Surprisingly, when police officers paid Thompson a visit, they revealed the name of Hoogland’s daughter to her, which they had learned from Findlay, something Thompson did not previously know that was explicitly prohibited by court orders and irrelevant to their task of serving her a court order.

At a hearing in which Hoogland and Thompson were both scolded by the judge and ordered by the court not to give any further interviews regarding the child under threat of contempt of court charges, Thompson called pediatric transgender treatments “a living, breathing nightmare” and threw herself “on the mercy of the court.”

This woman will not be silenced, praise God!

Thompson reminded her followers that God’s Word tells us it would be better to have a millstone placed around your neck and drowned in the sea than to harm God’s precious little image-bearers. “I would not want to mess with God on that,” she declared.

Thompson revealed that Findlay had even harassed her to demand the removal of videos that were not in violation of any court orders. Thankfully, Thompson has secured a bulldog of an attorney, and she isn’t about to be stifled any time soon.

“I am not going to be silenced for anything that harms a child,” Thompson said. “I will not be quiet. It’s my duty to speak, to defend the vulnerable, to stand up for those who do not have a voice.”


May we all be so bold as to stand up in the face of this wicked system that mocks justice, mocks our Creator, and encourages children to be abused and mutilated. He will not withhold His judgment long!

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