Producers Confirm “Rush Limbaugh Show” Will Go on With New Host, but Who Will It Be?


While the recent death of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh has left all those influenced by his work in mourning, the show’s crew pointed to a new day for “The Rush Limbaugh Show” helmed by a new and yet unannounced host.

Limbaugh, who established the political talk radio industry, died on February 17 at age 70, concluding a year-long battle with lung cancer. Even after Limbaugh’s death, “The Rush Limbaugh Show” has remained on the air.

According to Newsmax, producer Bo Snerdley stated that the show will eventually feature a new host.

In a Monday night appearance on “Greg Kelly Reports,” Snerdley, whose real name is James Golden, was asked whether the show would carry on with a new face behind the mic.

“Yes,” Golden said, before quickly adding, “No, I don’t have any idea who — that’s above my pay grade.”

“‘The Rush Limbaugh Show’s’ still on and it’s going to be on,” Golden said, “and ‘The Limbaugh Letter’ is still publishing, and we’re preparing the newsletter for another issue right now.”

“Rush’s legacy is going to live on and we are not going to let it die,” Golden declared.

Golden also had a message for Limbaugh’s many critics who still continue to bash and berate the radio host even after his death.

“By the way, to the lefties, if they think they’re going to frame Rush’s legacy, [that’s] absolutely wrong,” he said. “Those of us who love Rush are going to make sure that the correct legacy for this incredible giant is the correct one.”

Limbaugh indeed became no less vilified with his passing from this earth, as evidenced by a petty controversy arising from assorted Democrats refusing to lower flags to half-staff or hold moments of silence in his honor.

Still, far more individuals were positively impacted by Limbaugh’s work and have vowed to carry on his legacy.

“I have listened to this legend most days of the week for over 20 years,” our own Elizabeth Johnston wrote in her reaction to the news of Limbaugh’s death. “My children have memories of waking up from their naps as toddlers hearing Rush’s famous intro music while mommy was in the kitchen.”

“His gift to us all was to help us laugh at the lies of the dishonest media and never give up fighting for the principles of our Founding Fathers,” she also wrote. “I never got the privilege of meeting him, but it feels like a friend has died. We will miss you Rush. Praying for his family and close friends to be comforted by our Lord.”

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