Progressive Christian Festival Will Offer A Muslim Platform


The times, they are a changing, and that’s especially true when it comes to religious beliefs and standards. Things that would’ve been completely shunned many moons ago are gradually becoming societal norms, and various religious groups have been splintered into separate wings.

The Christian faith has not been immune to such things by any stretch of the imagination, so perhaps that’s what led to this somewhat surprising idea. A self-described “progressive Christian” festival in the UK is about to show how progressive it really is.

As Christian News shares, the festival “has added a Muslim platform to its upcoming event in an effort to eradicate negative stereotypes against those of the Islamic faith.”

Alright, so what does that entail, exactly?

Christian News reports that “The event will include a group that will teach attendees universal Sufi chants, as well as others who seek to combat “Islamophobia” in the world.”

Progressive? That’s open for debate. Questionable and unusual? As former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin may say, you betcha!

Paul Northup, the creative director of the Greenbelt Festival, notes that “It is because we are Christian that we do this,” and “Not because we want to dilute or deny our faith,” according to Christian News.

Fair enough, but that may be the end result. While it’s perfectly fine to educate others on differing beliefs to help promote awareness and understanding, those that attend a Christian festival may just be looking for it to revolve around those beliefs, tenets, and principles.   

Christian News adds that the festival “is expected to draw thousands,” so we’ll have to wait and see how this ‘progressive’ theory plays out for the masses.

Source: Christian News