Prominent Doctor Fired from University of Louisville for Standing By Medical Truth


Rhetoric, healthy debate, and intellectual integrity are concepts that seem to be increasingly foreign in the world of academia these days. 

Professionals who have worked in medical fields their whole lives are finding that their expertise and experience are no longer wanted. The truth that they bring to discussions is in direct conflict with the political ideologies that are being propagated by the reigning ideology of cultural Marxism.

Long, respectable careers are being ruined as a result of honest conversation; as is the case for Dr. Allan M. Josephson, a once-respected psychiatrist, who has lost his job for refusing to deny the truth for the sake of protecting his position.

Beginning in 2003, Dr. Josephson transformed the University of Louisville’s division of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology from a struggling department into a nationally acclaimed program. You’d think his professional insights on matters such as gender dysphoria would be welcome and appreciated…but not in 2019. 

Not only are his opinions unwelcome, but he is no longer welcome at the University of Louisville, the place where he dedicated so much of his personal and professional time.

In 2017, Dr. Josephson was invited to speak on a panel at the Heritage Foundation because of his expertise in the medical field—a dangerous game when you are giving opinion contrary to what the LGBT falsely promotes. After his speech on the panel, he began noticing that his own faculty seemed to be upset with him over things he had said, which then progressed into hostility. Eventually, the university informed him that his contract would not be renewed. “It’s a political process: correct. And the way committees are formed, various people who have various interests get on them. They do intense work, and sometimes very good work, but it often doesn’t meet the scrutiny of a scientific statement,” Dr. Josephson said in an interview with National Review. “An organization affirming a position is not necessarily science, but it is a group of people agreeing to say something.” 

If you dare go against the “group of people agreeing to say something” you could face professional and personal ruin. The LGBT mafia has agreed to say things about gender confusion and the perverse lifestyles that they promote that are downright lies. They are a group of bullies and, despite the fact that they are the minority and represent a very small percentage of the population, they have been extremely effective.

Dr. Josephson continued: 

I have accomplished a lot professionally and had an established reputation. If someone like me can be demoted, harassed, and then effectively fired for expressing my views, think of what an intimidating effect this has on younger professionals, who are not yet established in their careers. And that should not be how academics proceeds or how science proceeds. We think together, we reason together, we talk together. My colleagues couldn’t do that. And I think we see that nationally as well.

Not only nationally, but globally. We have previously reported on a doctor in the U.K. who was fired for refusing to use pronouns that do not match a person’s biological gender. This madness is slowly coming to dominate the medical profession across the Western world.

LGBT activists try to discredit doctors like Dr. Josephson using the argument that they are not experts specifically in LGBT-related health issues and that, because they have a wide range of interests and specialties, they should not be trusted when speaking on LGBT-related issues. 

This is a fallacy. A doctor of psychiatry and psychology has expertise in the person as a whole and is therefore qualified to speak on all matters that fall under that umbrella.  

The problem with LGBT proponents is that they are honed in only on LGBT issues while ignoring the rest of the person. Dr. Josephson makes this point as he explains the narrow focus of the LGBT mafia:

One of the ways that you diagnose transgenderism, according to the lingo, is that if a child is “persistent, consistent, and insistent” in the demand that they are the gender opposite to their biological sex, then it must be true. When I saw that, my knee-jerk response was, “Do these people have children?” Because in the process of raising children, they insistently, persistently, consistently demand lots of things that are not good for them, whether it’s turning off the computer, eating your own food, staying up too late, and it’s the parents’ job then to guide them to say, This is what you need to do to be healthy.

And, and of course, in a loving relationship, kids may test that a little bit, but they accept it. That’s what’s been the most amazing thing about this. These people are uni-focused and often don’t have children, and don’t understand children. And they are often not scientists. So it’s an interesting group that fuels this.

This is the crux of the issue. Parents pushing gender confusion on their children because they have been exposed to the idea of questioning their gender by LGBT bullies and activists when parents should be instructing and guiding their children in making healthy choices for their bodies and minds.

Dr. Josephson’s situation is a perfect illustration of how powerful these “schoolyard bullies” can be. Despite the fact that he speaks to reason and truth, they vehemently want to shut him down and once they have their sights set on something, they don’t relent until they have accomplished their goal. American academia has been usurped by the LGBT mafia and unless medical professionals fall in line and either publicly or silently support them, they face the very real danger of professional and personal ruination.

He explains: 

I think it just has to be a groundswell of discussion and seeing the activist tactics for what they are. The other side is bullying, intimidating. It’s such a nonacademic approach to things. Academia — the marketplace of ideas, the sharing back and forth, the refining of ideas, testing of ideas — is now being replaced by activist approaches.

Dr. Josephson has filed Josephson v. Bendapudi with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky in an effort to fight back against this blatant discrimination.

To read more of Dr. Josephson’s thoughts on gender dysphoria and the decline of American academia, check out the rest of his interview with the National Review.


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