Prominent Ugandan LGBT Activist Renounces “Sin” of Homosexuality


The LGBT community is struggling with how to address a stunning confession from a prominent lesbian activist after she came clean on her Facebook page that she has now turned away from what she called the “sin” of a same-sex lifestyle.

It’s funny how atheists and leftists dismiss the idea that children can be influenced by pro-gay propaganda into exploring homosexuality, but as soon as someone in their community turns away from homosexuality, they cry “social pressure” and lament the “negative” influence of those eschewing a traditional lifestyle.

Life Site News explains that Val Kalende “is a self-described “preacher’s kid” and journalist who left her career at the Ugandan newspaper Daily Monitor in 2007 to focus on LGBT activism, according to a 2015 Daily Xtra profile, going on to work with organizations such as Freedom and Roam Uganda, Sexual Minorities Uganda, and the Dignity Initiative. She left the country for Canada as a refugee in 2015, following the 2014 passage of legislation to criminalize homosexual behavior.”

However, she has stunned the community she once spoke for after announcing, according to The Monitor, that she has renounced her former lifestyle and is “saved.”

“I joined lesbianism right after Makerere University. I’m born of Christian parents. All of them cut their ties with me for being gay. I became an orphan,” she explained, according to Edge’s English translation of her remarks. But “I became rebellious. We always wondered why the world forced us to become girls who do not love men […] Right now, I have no peace of mind. I sometimes break down and cry wondering why am like this. I’m now back home and have been saved.”

“Not sure how to do this or if I have to. It’s draining. But I know people have questions and they mean well,” Kalende elaborated on Facebook, according to the Monitor. “I’d be glad to respond to questions concerning what I have learned about the sin of same-sex attraction and the mystery that surrounds the homosexual lifestyle, especially for Christians, parents and people with family members or friends who struggle with same-sex attractions.”

“I understand my introverted nature makes it uncomfortable for people to reach out to me but I am pretty much an open person when it comes to issues I am passionate about,” she continued. “I am not an authority on sexuality let alone what qualifies for sinful nature, but I, sure, have an awareness that could help folks out there. Feel free to message me privately or leave your questions below this post.”

Kalende said the revelation has been a long time coming, but that she waited to announce it because she “wanted to take time to do the important work on myself before making a public confession.” The Monitor added that she is not accepting interviews at this time, and wants to rest with her family.

Progressives were quick to feign support and dismiss her conversion, Life Site News notes:

“Val is going through another interesting transition and needs our love and understanding even in this moment,” LGBT activist Dr. Stella Nyanzi wrote, while at the same suggesting she could “relapse” back into homosexuality because “sexuality is fluid,” and implying that “dangerous” religion’s “tenterhooks” may be the true cause of her conversion.

Sexual Minorities Uganda executive director Frank Mugisha told the Monitor he respected her personal decision but was concerned that it would “psychologically affect many members who may feel threatened.” He gave a very different statementto the UK’s PinkNews, however, which quotes him as saying he’s “very much worried about her” and has not been able to personally discuss it with her.

Then there was the ever-un-friendly “Friendly Atheist”, who, like so many atheists, thinks she could only possibly ever seek out God due to social pressure:

Friendly Atheist editor Hemant Mehta responded to the news by speculating that her declaration was a sham to reunite with her family: “We shouldn’t rule out the possibility that she made this announcement due to social pressure rather than a sincere change of heart.”

So, should we never rule out that today’s atheists and leftists are rejecting God and embracing a deviant, promiscuous lifestyle due to social pressure rather than a sincere desire to do either, Hemet?

Most notable, however, is one activist’s realization that denying that people can change their sexual desires based on personal moral convictions is a dangerous argument for the LGBT community, because many, like Kalende, consistently prove them to be wrong:

Many LGBT activists intensely dispute the notion that sexual attraction can be changed, though in recent years some voices such as Dr. Lisa Diamond have advisedtheir allies to “stop saying ‘born that way and can’t change’ for political purposes, because the other side knows it’s not true as much as we do.”

As much as I would love to see the mainstream culture recognize the moral and physical dangers of homosexual and promiscuous lifestyles, I have to agree with Dr. Diamond that they would certainly be taken much more seriously if they stopped trying to pretend that many people have a genuine problem with even their own same-sex attraction and, in America, ought to be respected for their personal moral convictions.

The reason the LGBT community can’t accept this, however, is because if someone is able to make a choice to turn away from a same-sex lifestyle and pursue a biblically moral one, it undermines their entire argument that they must be accepted because they can’t change.

Either everyone is free to pursue their own moral convictions, or no one is.