Proof That Bill Nye Hates Science


Warning: Graphic Material!!

Everyone knows Bill Nye! Best known for hosting a PBS children’s show, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” and now his Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World,” the science educator used to have a kid-friendly reputation. Ya’ know…the “Mr. Rogers” of modern science.

Now allow me to HORRIFY you!

On episode nine of “Bill Nye Saves the World,” Nye features a performance from Rachel Bloom of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” The performance, titled “Sex Junk” is a provocative dance number displaying gyrating background dancers and very sexual language, inappropriate for anyone to watch, let alone children.

Here are just a few of the “highlights” of the “anything goes” sex video…

  • “my vagina has its own voice”
  • “cause my sex junk is so much more than either/or”
  • “sexuality is a spectrum”
  • “drag queen, drag king, just do what feels right”
  • “sex how you want, it’s your god**mn right”
  • “versatile love may have some butt stuff” (referring to anal sex)

Was Bill Nye shocked by this performance? Did it possibly pass under his radar and maybe he was taken by surprise? Oh no!!! Bill introduced the piece by saying it was a “very special” and “cool little segment.” And when the perverted orgy song was over, Bill praised Rachel and her backup posse with, “That’s exactly the right message Rachel!”

Exactly the right message?? I thought this was a science program! Doesn’t biology teach us that anal sex is not normal or healthy? Doesn’t science teach us that “sex any way you feel” is not necessarily good for you? Isn’t that why we have STDs in this country? Isn’t your science teacher supposed to be encouraging you to NOT engage in sex that will give you STDs, instead of “just do what FEELS right?” Some people like the way orgies FEEL. Some people like the way sex with animals FEEL. We should not be governed by our feelings, but governed by a desire to do what is right.


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. When you teach evolution and think that humans descended from apes, people start acting like apes. When you remove God our Creator from the picture, anything goes and there is truly no basis for anything to be right or wrong.

Parents, monitor what your kids are watching. Homeschool them and get involved with your local homeschool group. Block dangerous sites from all your children’s devices (such as YouTube and Vimeo). Protect all devices in your home with a service like Covenant Eyes. Teach your children what the Bible says about right and wrong and sexuality. Be vigilant. The world has totally lost its marbles and the lunatics are running the asylum!

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