Prosecutor Claims Parents Who Opposed Child’s Desire to “Transition” Made Her Suicidal


It is official: we live in a world where you can lose custody of your child for choosing the way they should be treated for the highly irregular desire to “transition” to the opposite sex.

The normalization of transgenderism is going way too far.

In the last two years alone, we’ve gone from understanding that the desire to dress and live as a member of the opposite sex is a serious psychological condition to seriously removing custody from parents who want to treat said serious psychological condition with therapy instead of life-altering hormones and plastic surgery.

The latest example of extreme gender insanity: on Friday, a judge in Ohio heard closing arguments in a custody hearing involving a 17-year-old girl who wants to live as a boy and her parents, who are Christian and oppose her transitioning.

The girl has been living with her grandparents, who may receive full custody and “accept their grandson for who he is,” reported the Assistant Prosecutor, Don Clancy, as saying.

“This child teeters on the edge of suicidal ideation,” he said, claiming the parents told their daughter to kill herself because she was “going to hell, anyway,” and said their case was entirely based on trying to show that their child is not transgender.”

While an expert witness called by the parents testified that “a small cabal of lobbyists and politicians invented the term ‘gender dysphoria’…and the treatment for it,” the prosecution called two experts from the Children’s Hospital that would like to perform the “treatment” on the girl, who defended the gender dysphoria diagnosis.

Karen Brinkman, an attorney for the parents, said that “the science says a more neutral environment with continued therapy to address the underlying issues is the best practice,” and that to “subject this child to the social stigma of being transgender will only increase the risk of suicide in the future.”

Brinkman added that the Children’s Hospital transgender clinic was “doing little more than experimenting on children to further their careers or bolster their reputations.”

“A case involving the teen also is pending in federal court, although most documents have been filed under seal,” notes.

While the teen claimed her father told her to kill herself, what we do know for sure is that these parents are simply insisting their child pursue therapy that coincides with their worldview. They, according to their own words, want to “get to the underlying causes” of this poor girl’s confusion.

There is absolutely nothing unreasonable about that. As Walter Heyer often explains, gender dysphoria tends to be a symptom of larger dissociative mental illnesses so it is quite sensible to explore a 17-year-old girl’s desire to live as the opposite gender before giving her a treatment that will change her life forever if she might end up wanting to live as a woman further down the road.

Our country needs fervent prayer, saints. We are watching the courts of this once great country affirm absolute insanity and, at the core of it, rip apart families in the name of a massive lie.

Boys are boys, girls are girls, and parents are parents. Period.