Protesters Flood Drag Queen Story Hour at Public Library, Stopping Event


If they’re going to have these kinds of events in public places, why not use your First Amendment rights to stop them?

Several children brought to a Drag Queen Story Hour that was using a room at a public library in Putnam County, Tennessee this week were unable to participate in the event due to around 100 protesters who filled the room to capacity.

The Herald-Citizen reports:

During the first session of the event, protesters quietly attended the event in the back of the room, although due to fire code, a number who were trying to attend the event were unable to do so.

Initially 18 more people were in the room than the fire code allowed; the event was paused until the issue was resolved. The second session allowed more children to attend.

It appeared two separate groups of protesters attended the event, but they weren’t promoting the same message. The group on the North side of the library used a PA system to make comments such as, “The Bible says if you’re not obedient, you will be destroyed.”

A number of protesters told the Herald-Citizen that they did not agree with the message of Christianity that was being portrayed by that group, but still did not agree with the use of the library meeting room by Upper Cumberland Pride.

On the South entrance of the library, protesters mainly held signs, featuring sayings such as, “Libraries are for kids, not drag shows,” “Leave our children alone” and “Transgender ideology is false.”

The event, featuring drag queen Kitty Lovelle, was not sponsored by the library but was given use of one of the library event rooms.

Worthy of note is that the Putnam County Library was equally welcoming to the protesters:

The library will continue to allow the group to utilize its space for events, including possible protests, as long as library rules are followed.

“It is a first amendment right to free speech,” Putnam County Library Director Phil Schaller said. “We have a meeting room policy, and they complied to the meeting room policy.”

While gender ideologues and leftists (like popular mom blogger “Scary Mommy“) were scandalized that the Christian protesters “left kids crying in the hallway,” the protest appears to have been mostly peaceful, too:

Two incidents did occur which brought Cookeville Police Department officers to  the event. One incident involved a counter-protester complaint and ended after a short chat with a CPD officer.

In the other incident, a protester inside the library was reportedly violating library policy through  solicitation of materials, and agreed to not continue the action on library grounds.

Of course, when hundreds of people descended on Chick-fil-A locations in “kiss-in” demonstrations to protest the religious views of the company’s CEO, I’m sure the same people who support Drag Queen Story Hours would have called those protesters heroes.

This is what the First Amendment looks like—a peaceful protest that uses non-violent means to prevent children from being exposed to something that violates the moral principles our nation was founded on.

Was there rioting, random acts of violence, graffiti, calls for the death of police officers, insufferable screaming, bare-chested women, or any of the other criminal methods the left typically use to “protest”?

No. Note the difference.