#PurpleforParents Beat Out #RedforEd Sexual Education Agenda in Arizona


Speaking up against the perverted LGBT agenda is the only way we are going to defeat it, and all over the country, parents are standing up and making a difference! Their attempts to turn the public education system into a massive institution of indoctrination have been aggressive and swift. We must respond in kind to be effective against it.

In Arizona, the parent-led group #PurpleforParents has been fighting proposed changes in the language of the current K-12 sex education standards. 

Currently, the rules prohibit the teaching of “abnormal, deviate, or unusual sexual acts and practices.” The Arizona Educators United teachers union teamed up with the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in their attempt to bring about the change in standards. 

The teacher’s #RedforEd movement proposed verbiage change would require sex education instruction to be “medically and scientifically accurate” with courses that provide “medically accurate instruction” to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

This is obviously problematic. Who gets to determine what is “medically and scientifically accurate?” If the teachers union and GLSEN are pushing for the change, they would clearly have a vested interest in making sure these requirements were as loose as possible. Their goal is to get students educated in all manner of sexual deviance as early as possible. 

Breitbart reported on July 1st, “More than half a dozen members of the grassroots parents group #PurpleforParents, clad in purple, addressed the State Board of Education as they considered the proposed language change in the standards at Monday’s meeting.” 

Luckily, #PurpleforParents won the day delivering a defeat to the #RedforEd team as the Arizona State Board of Education struck down the proposed changes. 

While this is indeed a victory for conservative, traditional values, the teachers union represents a deeper issue, unfortunately. According to the Breitbart report:

This teachers union effort, called #RedforEd, has its roots in the very same socialism that President Trump vowed in his 2019 State of the Union address to stop, and it began in its current form in early 2018 in a far-flung corner of the country before spreading nationally. Its stated goals – higher teacher pay and better education conditions – are overshadowed by a more malevolent political agenda: a leftist Democrat uprising designed to flip purple or red states to blue, using the might of a significant part of the education system as its lever.

The teachers unions are completely out of touch with parents and students. They are driven by promises made by the left to provide better employment conditions. They are required to push the leftist agenda and many of them buy into their false narratives. They genuinely believe they are doing good by exposing their young, impressionable students to sexual perversion as early as possible in the name of tolerance, love, and inclusion.. 

Obviously, the fallacy is that the eft actually cares about love, tolerance, and inclusion. The teachers are buying it though. We can expect more battles waged by teachers unions to come.

Parent movements like #PurpleorParents have the right idea. According to their website:

Our parents expect that school hours be protected from interruptions like walk-outs and strikes. Time in the classroom is precious and extremely valuable to the future of our youth.

We intend to hold the district accountable with regard to transparency. Parents have the right to know where and how taxpayer money is being spent in each school district.

We have to be able to stand up to these powerful teachers unions and their LGBT-aligned allies for the protection of our children. School time should not be used to manipulate and indoctrinate young minds. If these parents can do it, so can you! Don’t be afraid to speak up for what is right in your local government and school district. Our voices do make a difference. 


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