“Queer Kid Stuff” YouTuber Targets Preschoolers With LGBT Propaganda Videos


The LGBT movement has a handy new tool to ease the process of indoctrinating and grooming children of all ages: Queer Kid Stuff.

Lindsay Amer, the content creator behind Queer Kid Stuff (QKS), created the YouTube channel as “an LGBTQ+ and social justice webseries for kids and families.”

With her “non-binary” talking teddy bear and a selection of songs and lessons reminiscent of Sesame Street, Amer makes her intention of indoctrinating toddlers and very young children quite clear.

QKS videos include Learn Your LGBTs! in which Amer teaches her impressionable young viewers all about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders, as well as the myriad sexual “identities” people claim to have.

Other QKS videos include What Is Gender?, Unicorns are Queer Horses, I is for Intersex, A is for Asexual, What Is Privilege???, and Transitioning—as if a child as young as two or three needs to be confused by any of this insanity.

In What Is Gender? Amer and her teddy bear say, “Did you know that some people aren’t boys or girls? Some people are boys … some people are girls … and some people are people,” while transgenders are “people who do not identify with the gender the doctors tell them they are when they are born.”

Yes, of course, because the doctors are obviously the ones who invented the biological gender binary. How moronic.

When the bear gets confused as to how to determine who is a boy or a girl when “all of them can wear ties and dresses,” Amer responds, “That’s actually really easy, Teddy. All you have to do is ask someone what their pronouns are.”

Because, in Amer’s worldview, reality is whatever an individual says it is. A man can wear men’s clothes, a full beard, retain his male genitalia, but as long as he says he is a she, it’s an incontrovertible fact. This is what this person is teaching preschool-aged children. 

On her website, Amer lists the following accolades her channel has received:

The Huffington Post calls Queer Kid Stuff a “groundbreaking YouTube educational resource.” Teen Vogue praised their episode on consent during the height of #MeToo that “shows exactly why there’s no excuse not to grasp consent. Even toddlers can understand it.”

Teen Vogue—the magazine that encourages teens and tweens to have anal sex and question their gender. Of course they approve.   

As for credentials, Amer offers the following list:

[Amer is] the founder and CEO of Queer Kid Studios, a multi-media production company based in Portland, Maine making queer-focused intersectional all-ages media. They are a Creative Resident at SPACE on Ryder Farm, and a TED Resident, were named a Rising Star by GLAAD, a Queero by them.us, were a Webby Honoree, and have received grants from the Made in NYC Women’s Media Fund, the Awesome Project, and VidCon’s Emerging Creator program. 

In case you didn’t notice, there is a startling lack of early childhood education credentials on that list. These people aren’t educators, they’re LGBT propagandists. 

It seems Amer’s only qualifications are being homosexual and having the ability to create YouTube videos. Yet, as we’ve previously reported, QKS videos have already made their way into the classrooms of teachers who wish to impose this confusing, anti-science LGBT propaganda on their students.

Amer has also developed corresponding activity sheets and lesson plans to accompany her videos, as well as “queer-inclusive classroom tips.”

In Devonshire, Canada, a six-year-old girl began spontaneously and repeatedly asking her parents why her identity as a girl was “not real” after Amer’s What Is Gender? video was shown in her first-grade class. First grade. She asked if she could “go to a doctor” about the fact that she was a girl and said she was “not sure if she wanted to be a mommy.”

This propaganda is incredibly destructive to a young child’s ability to perceive reality. This is why we’re fighting, folks. We cannot let these people win. Just think of the millions of children whose innocence and moral compass is being destroyed by this godless indoctrination. Pray fervently for the children across the nation who are being subjected to gender confusion and hyper-sexuality. 

And join the parents who are standing up to make sure it is put to an end. 


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