Questions Arise About Who Is Really Behind The Rioting At Co-Opted George Floyd Protests


The First Amendment is sacred.

Whether you are gathering to protest unconstitutional lockdown orders by a power-hungry governor or against the unjust death of an unarmed black man in police custody, one’s right to peaceably assemble should never be infringed.

But peaceable protesters, of where there have been many in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer last week, do not loot businesses. They do not severely beat other human beings. They do not attack police officers.

As the mainstream media considers to insist that these riots are “protests,” failing to make the distinction between peaceful protest and criminal behavior, questions are arising as to who is really behind the chaos. As white anarchists try to whitesplain systemic racism to peaceful black protesters, mysterious piles of bricks have been spotted at several protests sites.

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr both called out the agitators they believe are behind much of the violence in America’s major cities, who they claim include the notorious “anti-fascist” group Antifa.

The same old characters from 2016 have reared their ugly heads again in 2020.

Several incidents captured on video and shared to social media indicate a trend of white rioters causing destruction while black activists beg them to stop. (Warning: some of these videos and posts contain inappropriate language)

In another such example, a black woman begged a white man not to cause destruction

so that BLM wouldn’t be blamed.

The man responded by telling her “they’re going to kill you anyway!”

Town Hall recently pointed to several other examples of white rioters causing destruction while being begged by black protesters to stop. Here are a few more:

Meanwhile, also captured on video and later uploaded to social media to be chronicled in another post by Town Hall, it appears that mysterious piles of bricks are appearing at protest sites where there appears to be no nearby construction.

If this is a conspiracy theory, it’s substantial enough to have caught the attention of the Kansas City Police Department, who is seeking the public’s help in finding out who is responsible.

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