Rabid Abortion Activist Targets Pregnancy Centers, Wishes She Aborted 15-Year-Old Son


There is a lot of disgusting rhetoric that comes out of the pro-abortion movement, with one of the most disturbing examples being how many of the women involved are encouraged to celebrate the murder of their unborn children.

Many of the individuals fighting to keep abortion legal have stooped to all kinds of lows during protests to endeavor to paint pro-life people as the villains of the story, despite the fact they are the ones advocating for the murder of innocent human beings.

However, while all of this has been sickening to the core, it’s not quite as shocking as hearing a radical abortion fanatic who targets pregnancy centers talk openly about how she wishes she would have aborted her 15-year-old son.

This is so awful it defies description.

The Daily Wire has more:

A woman who is targeting pregnancy centers, which endeavor to help women understand the tragedy of murdering their babies in the womb, published a piece at Romper.com stating that she wished she had aborted her son, who is now 15, because of the struggle she’s had as a single mother to support him.

Cherisse Scott, the founder of Sisterreach, who appeared on TBS’ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee in 2016, saying, “if I could do this all over again, I would have an abortion,” wrote the piece at Romper. In her piece, Scott states, “My son deserved to be born to a mother who would not be left hanging to raise him alone. He deserved to be born into a social infrastructure willing to provide his mother with the necessary social supports to live, and to do so without stigma or shame.” She writes she was “intentionally misled” by a pregnancy center and is “still affected by their lie.” She makes it clear that she’s pursuing pregnancy centers, stating, “As things currently stand for women with unwanted pregnancies, the operation manual for crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) is to shame, misinform, and intimidate you into continuing the pregnancy … They are run and financed by anti-abortion extremists who deceive and manipulate vulnerable women and girls to stop them from getting an abortion.”

Scott claims that she was shown “graphic abortion procedure videos,” then sent for an ultrasound and told if she “had an abortion, I would not be able to have another child.” She asserts that the pregnancy center “sent me home with a bottle, a onesie, and a rattle. To date, that is the last support of any kind I ever received from them. When I lost my job, not even a year after my son was born, then had to navigate accessing food stamps and help getting child support, they were nowhere to be found.”

Making it clear she is an abortion activist, Scott spouts, “These fake clinics use their your tax dollars to con women, especially poor women, and push their ideological agenda while the Hyde Amendment continues to deny insurance coverage for abortion for women enrolled in Medicaid.”

Not only does Scott have an incredibly dishonest view of pregnancy centers and their mission to help preserve the lives of unborn children and aid mothers as much as possible, she lacks basic moral decency, a fact clearly illustrated by openly stating she wishes she would’ve aborted her own son, who is old enough to know exactly that means and entails.

What kind of damage could it do to a young person’s psyche to find out there mom wishes they had never been born? It’s hard to imagine anything good coming from that bombshell. Being a teenager is hard enough, then you discover your own mother wishes she would have murdered you? Awful!

This is a perfect window into the soul of the pro-abortion crowd that proves the moral degeneracy that exists within their ranks knows no bounds.