Radio Host Who Asked Lauren Daigle About Homosexuality Issues Statement


Christian music sensation Lauren Daigle has sent shockwaves through the Christian community this week after she was asked whether or not she believes homosexuality is a sin.

Her answer was disappointing at best to her Bible-believing fans across Christendom, and, as you can imagine, Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, felt compelled to respond.

You can check out her loving response to Daigle’s comments here:

"Dear Lauren Daigle, A Word From Your Fans"

My open word of encouragement to Lauren Daigle. Please watch and share and tag your friends who are Lauren Daigle fans. #PrayForLauren

Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The video quickly caught the attention of Domenick Nati, the radio host who asked Daigle about her stance on homosexuality.

His producer sent us a statement, which he asked us to share:

Domenick Nati is the radio host that interviewed Lauren Daigle and asked her if homosexuality is a sin. He has released a statement which is below. Will you consider posting some or all of his statement?

“The backlash Lauren Daigle received from our interview has been very disappointing to witness. I was shocked by the amount of attack and assumption there was on someone simply saying “I don’t know”. The truth is YOU don’t know. You don’t know if she was being honest, you don’t know if she was dodging the question, and you don’t know if she was lying… and neither do I.

I know that Moses thought it was a sin and I know Paul thought it was a sin, but Jesus didn’t speak on it. And Paul and Moses didn’t always get things right in their writings nor was it always recorded, copied, and translated correctly. John 16:8-9 says “When the Holy Spirit comes He will expose the world concerning sin, concerning righteousness, and concerning judging. Of sin that they are not believing in Me.” Jesus identifies sin as not believing in Himself. Not our sexual preference, or wrongdoings, but rather our unbelief. So it’s possible that someone doesn’t know what is considered a sin and what isn’t, and neither does anyone else. Not Moses, Paul, you, me or Lauren Daigle because they’re “not God”.

Lastly, for everyone that is accusing me of “setting a trap” for Lauren. I want to clarify two things. Number one, I have had a relationship with Jesus for eighteen years, however The Domenick Nati Show is not a “Christian” show, it is a pop culture/entertainment show that happens to be hosted by a Christian. The tagline for the show is, and always has been, “Maximum Exposure, Minimum Censorship”. Every celebrity guest knows that I always ask tough, provocative, and sometimes invasive questions that produce shocking content and news headlines. That is the show and it was not a secret before Lauren was our guest. Lauren was the first Christian artist we’ve ever had on the show and she does not deserve the backlash that she received.”

He also included a number of examples of instances in which Nati’s seemingly deliberately provocative questions have garnered media attention for his guests and his show.

While it is unsurprising that Nati believes Lauren’s answer was “correct,” his stance on homosexuality and his poor exegesis of the text is rather irrelevant to the response Lauren has received from her fans.

Lauren herself, in the interview, invited folks to let her know what the Scripture says, and so we have.

The inerrancy of the Bible is not up for debate for those who call themselves followers of Christ, and when Lauren’s answer to this deliberately controversial question included the admission that she’s not quite sure what the text says, the objective truth about what the Bible says is a perfectly relevant and fair response.

Thanks for chiming in Domenick…but our response to Ms. Daigle’s comments were compassionate, patient, biblical and very necessary.

Please remember to pray for Lauren. She is an incredibly talented artist with the power to bring the truth of the Word to millions! We pray that she can lead Christians in how to properly love homosexuals and lead them to the all-encompassing love and redemption of Christ.