This Recent Ruling in Brazil is a Victory for Conversion Therapy Advocates


It is absolutely absurd to live in a world where patients are banned from seeking the kind of therapy they feel they need to cope with an issue that plagues them, but that’s exactly the kind of world we live in. Fortunately, in Brazil, a recent ruling has restored a bit of sanity to this world.

Conversion therapy, the practice of using psychotherapeutic techniques to help a patient overcome same-sex attraction, can be incredibly helpful to many people and yet is seen as cruel to the pro-LGBT camp. Mike Pence is regularly bashed by the left for his pro-conversion therapy stance.

In Brazil, up until recently, conversion therapy had actually been banned since 1999. That’s right–in the country that hosted an outrageous art exhibition featuring little girls touching the naked body of a grown man, talking through a personal struggle against homosexuality was against the law.

Fortunately, a judge has now sided with a Christian psychologist who dared to break this law and actually help a client in need by providing him with conversion therapy in 2016.

Judge Waldemar Claudio de Carvalho issued the ruling in early September, according to Life Site News, restoring Rozangela Justino’s right to practice conversion therapy after she had lost her license last year.

“To tell adults they may not receive talk therapy for a personal issue that’s bothering them is a monstrous strike against freedom,” said Austin Ruse, president of the Center for Family and Human Rights. “The Brazilian judge did exactly the right thing.”

While celebrities, Brazilian activists, and some psychological professionals decried the ruling and vowed to appeal, there is no denying the central issue of this case: that adults have the right to seek therapy for whatever issue they feel they need to deal with.

“Those who support allowing therapists to help clients overcome unwanted sexual attractions frequently point out that therapy is about helping patients achieve their desired goals,” Life Site News points out.

In the United States, conversion therapy has been a highly controversial issue. Nine states have even banned the practice of giving conversion therapy to minors, New Mexico, Connecticut, California, Vermont, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, the District of Columbia, and most recently, Nevada.

How many hours do you think Americans have passed in a shrink’s office trying to undo their Christian upbringing? Trying to make peace with their homosexuality? Trying to justify a “free love” sexual lifestyle? Trying to convince themselves that they are a woman trapped inside a man’s body? No one ever complains about therapy that helps someone to “overcome” traditional morals and values and live their lives according to what they think is right.

So why on earth is it seen as so evil to help someone cope with a sexual attraction they know is unnatural and they would like to be freed from?

It is a very slippery slope to mandate that therapists only confirm one’s personal sexual fetish rather than help them to have healthier sexual desires.

If you have therapists helping people convince themselves it’s OK to be gay, therapists helping people convince a man they are really a woman, how hard is it to believe that therapists will soon be helping people make peace with the fact that they’re attracted to children? To animals? To adultery or rape?

If therapy is meant to help people, that is what it ought to do. Helping people does not mean validating their sinful, unnatural lifestyle. We need more judges in the world who will defend the rights of well-meaning therapists who have a right to help their patients!