Reddit Is Full Of Stories Of Ex-Trans “Detransitioners” That The World Needs To Hear


In a society where pro-transgender dogma is rapidly conquering all forms of media and communication, the voices of those who experienced the phenomenon of “desisting” or “detransitioning” after previously identifying as transgender are routinely mocked, doubted, or simply ignored.

Without greater representation in public discourse and virtually absent from news headlines, the growing number of individuals—especially teens and young adults—who regret the damage done to their body by highly experimental “gender therapy” have largely taken to Reddit, a massive forum site, to share their stories.

On Reddit, you’ll find a community of self-titled detransitioners sharing the raw, unvarnished truth of the circumstances that led them (or misled them) to identify as transgender, the reality of “transitioning,” and what life is like now that they’ve accepted their biological gender.

Their stories aren’t pretty—they aren’t feel-good, sugarcoated fluff, and in many cases they’re downright heartbreaking. Nonetheless, these are stories that the world desperately needs to hear before more individuals head down this dangerous path.

A few weeks ago, a female Reddit user who is recovering from her “transition” to male shared what it was like to go out in public as a female for the first time in two years.

It “didn’t exactly go as planned,” she wrote, describing how the server at a restaurant was taken aback to hear her voice, which presumably had been significantly lowered as a result of testosterone treatment.

“I’m 16 and my body is ruined,” she continued. “I destroyed every piece of me that made me a female, or at least, the parts that made me look and feel like one. I was on testosterone for a year and a half so my voice is f****d, my boobs are gone from top surgery, I’m very hairy, my face was already SUPER masculine looking pre-t so I ‘passed’ as a dude even before I transitioned. Just don’t really see the point in living if it’s gonna be like this.”

“I can’t believe that everyone in my life failed me so hard,” she wrote. “How are we letting insecure 14 year old girls make the decision to mutilate and ruin their bodies. I’m angry. I’m angry at this sick agenda. I’m angry at the sick people who think you have any other choice but to accept what you were given at birth. I’m angry that these sick people are pushing their sick agendas on sick, insecure, damaged, naive, gullible, children. Children don’t know what they want. Neither do the rest of these ‘trans’ people.”

“I’m sorry but you can’t change who you are,” the girl declared. “All it will do is send you into madness. Unfortunately, I’ve had to learn that lesson the hard way. I don’t ‘feel’ like a girl or a boy. I just am. I’m just me. I wish someone could’ve told me that I was beautiful just the way I was. I was so beautiful. Now I am ruined. I was a singer. I had a delicate, soft voice. Now it’s harsh, like a teenage boy’s. All of these regrets, all of these memories, the pictures on my phone that I can’t stop staring at, staying up all night crying, listening to recordings of my old voice, realizing how if someone had just paid attention to me, maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“I’m furious, and there’s nothing I can do except warn other young girls not to make the same mistake that I did,” she concluded. “But I wouldn’t have listened either. I wanted that escape. I wanted to be a man so bad. Being a girl brought me nothing but tragedy. I was beaten and molested as a child. I felt weak. I wanted to be strong. I didn’t want to be another object for men to use. I wanted to be seen as a person. Well, now I’m a freak.”

The girl later edited her post to thank fellow Redditors in the group, which his made up of detransitioners and their “allies,” for their support. She added that, at the time of writing, she’d only been off of testosterone for about a month and that her body “still has a long way to go in terms of regulating the proper hormones.”

The young woman also clarified details regarding how she was able to procure treatment, especially mastectomy surgery, at such a young age, adding that her somewhat wealthy family was able to pay out-of-pocket for the surgery from a doctor who is apparently notorious for operating on minors.

She also noted that she “will consider taking legal action against the therapists (who were aware of my trauma) and doctors in the future” because she doesn’t want “anyone else, especially other children, to have to go through what I’ve been through.”

This is just one detransition story, and not even one of the more recent ones. There are 10.2 thousand members in this Reddit community alone. Suffice it to say, experiences like that of this precious girl are not rare. We’ve barely scratched the surface.

These are, of, stories from individuals who survived their crisis of gender identity. We may never know just how many detransitioners and desisters were perhaps already in a fragile state only to be abandoned by the trans community and pushed to a point of hopelessness. We don’t know how many of these people are no longer alive to tell their story.

What I mean, folks, is that detransitioning is huge and we must support individuals walking that difficult road, but it’s not enough. Detransitioners need the Gospel, and we need to give it to them.

Saints, be in prayer for these individuals. As the brave men and women of Freedom March have shown us time and time again, God is mighty to save even the most hopeless among us. Pray that He would use you in a mighty way for His glory to reach this particular mission field with the message of hope and peace we have in Jesus Christ.

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