Under Repealed Abortion Ban in Ireland, Catholic Hospitals Will Be Forced to Perform Abortions


In a tragic and stunning vote last month, Ireland, once the only Western nation to have a full ban on abortion, voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment that had once recognized the sanctity of life in the womb.

Now, as legislature works to enact abortion-related laws, the Prime Minister has announced that Catholic hospitals that receive public funding will be forced to provide the procedure, which is, of course, a stunning display of disregard for religious freedom in one of the most Catholic nations on earth.

Life Site News reports:

Ireland’s homosexual pro-abortion Prime Minister has announced that Catholic hospitals in the country will be obliged to perform abortions.

Leo Varadkar said that when the new laws liberalizing abortion come into effect, even Catholic institutions will have to offer the procedure.

Individual doctors, nurses or midwives will be allowed to refrain from committing abortions on conscience grounds, but whole institutions will not have this option.

According to the BBC, Varadkar’s government is currently writing a law that would allow abortion on demand up to 12 weeks on healthy babies and “in extreme cases” up to 24 weeks.

The Irish taoiseach (“chief”)  said that the new law would follow the model of the “Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013” which provided for abortion in certain circumstances and allowed medical personnel to opt out.

“It will not, however, be possible for publicly-funded hospitals, no matter who their patron or owner is, to opt out of providing these necessary services which will be legal in this state once this legislation is passed by the Dáil (government) and Seanad (senate),” he warned.

While it may seem that Ireland is unified in their rejection of the Eight Amendment, pro-life activists across the nation have only gotten bolder, doubling-down their efforts to defend the unborn. They want to make clear to the world that the whole of the Irish people and government are not on board with this Orwellian enforcement of institutionalized infanticide:

In response to the results of this survey, Dr. Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign suggested that the Health Minister’s assumption that Irish doctors will just go along with the governments pro-abortion agenda is divorced from reality.

“Listening to Minister Simon Harris you’d get the impression that GPs are fully on board with the Government’s abortion plans but nothing could be further from the truth,” she said.

“Forcing GPs to participate in abortions that have nothing to do with healthcare is an extreme and unjust attack on freedom of conscience and should be resisted at all costs,” she continued. “It is unconscionable for Minister Harris and the Government to compel doctors who don’t wish to dispense abortion pills to refer women to colleagues who will carry out the procedure.”

“We are witnessing something truly appalling at present – a government that seems prepared to trample on freedom of conscience in order to keep the pretence going that their abortion proposals are somehow medically indicated and based. It is very reassuring though to see the numbers of GPs who are voicing their opposition….”​

The fight for life in Ireland is far from over! Let’s keep praying for our brothers and sisters across the pond.