REPORT: Children Are Using Fake IDs to Post Explicit Content for Money on OnlyFans


Warning: this story details a highly disturbing subject matter involving children

A gut-wrenching and exhaustive report from the BBC has revealed that children as young as 13 have used fake IDs to post explicit sexual content for money to the website OnlyFans.

Teens have earned thousands of pounds selling graphic videos of themselves masturbating, others have uploaded videos of themselves having sex with their underage partners.

The United Kingdom’s most senior law enforcement official for child protection also told the BBC that minors are being “exploited” on the platform, which has exploded in popularity over the last year in large part because users can earn quick cash selling pornographic content to subscribers from home amid a pandemic and economic shutdown.

In other words, the website is its own veritable digital red-light district for online prostitution, and children are quickly and easily scamming the flimsy safeguards the platform claims are meant to prohibit underage users from uploading content.

We have grown increasingly concerned about child pornography in the digital age, and now children appear to be filming pornography of themselves.

This is absolutely horrifying, and reading further details from the full report doesn’t get any better—do so only if you have the stomach to bear it.

It’s not just British entities who are concerned about the UK-based website. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) says that dozens of missing children have been found on the website, something which has happened on pornography giant PornHub as well.

“In 2019 there were around a dozen children known to be missing being linked with content on OnlyFans,” NCMEC Vice President Staca Shehan told the BBC. “Last year the number of those cases nearly tripled.”

Meanwhile, other children are being blackmailed by depraved users threatening to share their explicit content with family members or even say the content is being uploaded to the platform entirely without their consent.

One couple in Florida was arrested earlier this year for selling a topless picture of an underage girl on the website.

Meanwhile, many of the children caught up in the web of OnlyFan pornography are often already victims of sexual abuse or struggling with mental health issues.

The BBC “has also heard from child protection experts across the UK and US, spoken to dozens of police forces and schools, and obtained anonymised extracts from Childline counsellor notes, about underage experiences on OnlyFans.

These sources shared further details with the BBC:

  • Schools have shared anonymous reports of pupils using the site, including a 16-year-old who boasted to her careers adviser about the amount of money she made on the site, and showed off her “exuberant” spending on Instagram.
  • Underage creators and users of the site include victims of prior sexual abuse and those with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, according to Childline counsellor notes.
  • UK police forces say children have complained about their images being uploaded to the site without consent, and one 17-year-old reported being blackmailed.
  • Missing children are appearing in OnlyFans videos, according to a US watchdog, which also says it has received reports of child sexual exploitation.

Just when you think this brave new world can’t get any more depraved…

The ease with which these children are able to sell their bodies online for cash highlights just how dangerous our culture’s obsession with sex and pornography has become for the whole of society.

The pornography industry already fuels much of today’s horrific human trafficking crisis, and it is no surprise that the twisted lovechild of YouTube and PornHub, that is to say, OnlyFans is just the latest entity that is raking it in on this sick and exploitative system.

There are almost no words for how heartbreaking it all is. Lord Jesus, stir mightily in the hearts of moral leaders across the world to stand up to this monster that is consuming our society — and our children.

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