REPORT: Christian Teenager Who Refused to Disavow Faith Violently Murdered By Muslim Mob

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A Christian teenager in Uganda was reportedly murdered by a mob of Muslims who were angry that his father had led several fellow Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ earlier this month.

Dante Tambika, 19, was beaten, strangled, and his body dumped in Lake Lemwa in early September after a group of Muslim teenagers attacked him after they’d returned from fishing on the lake, his friend Stephen Mukama, who escaped the assailants, told Morning Star News.

Tambika, Mukama, and another friend were first targeted by the group when they walked towards the lake to fish. Mukama says they knew the young men who began issuing threats.

“They tried to provoke us by calling us infidels and saying that they were going to crush us just like Allah did to those who used to attack their prophet, Muhammad,” Mukama said.

The Christian youth proceeded to let out into the lake to fish, but when they returned about two hours later, the group was still there.

Mukama said the Muslims began shouting “Allah Akbar,” at them before they were suddenly surrounded by more young men they did not recognize.

“From nowhere we saw six other Muslims approaching our fishing boat, furious and uttering defaming words against us,” he said. “I told my friends that we were in trouble and that each of us should prepare for self-defense. I led them in prayers.”

One of the assailants jumped into the boat and began beating Tambika, who refused to denounce his faith.

“He commanded us to believe in Allah, or else they will kill us,” the survivor explained. “Dante replied that we can’t renounce Christianity, saying, ‘If you want to kill us, kill us, know that we are ready.’”

“Tambika’s late father, Boaz, had been a successful area evangelist, and one of the assailants replied that a Christian named Boaz had converted many Muslims, including his brother, to Christianity,” Morning Star News explains.

Tambika had been trained in sharing the Gospel by his father, who died in 2019. The young man was targeted by local Muslims after leading five teenagers to Christ.

“Others jumped into our boat and started beating us with sticks,” Mukama said. “I jumped off the boat and swam to shore. I was followed by my other two friends who could swim. Unfortunately, Dante was left in the hands of the assailants because he had no swimming skills.”

While the boys who escaped ran for help, but by the time they arrived back at the scene, the violent group had left.

Tambika’s body was found on the lake shore the following day.

His family has filed a police report and hired an attorney.

Although Muslims make up just 12% of the population in Uganda, some areas have very high concentrations of the religious group and clan tension often rises. Several such killings have been reported this year.

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