REPORT: Dozens of North Korean Christians Executed on Site After Secret Meeting Disrupted by Authorities

Roman Harak, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A horrifying account of mass execution has reportedly leaked out of North Korea, one of the worst nations in the world to be a Christian.

According to Open Doors USA, several dozen Christians were meeting in secret in an unnamed region when they were discovered by authorities.

Every single one of them was executed on site, the organization says.

In North Korea, it is against the law to follow Jesus Christ, and Christians are forced underground to an extreme degree.

Open Doors says that it was suspected the secret meeting location was leaked to authorities, who also proceeded to arrest over 100 non-Christian family members of the believers, placing them in some of North Korea’s notoriously cruel prison camps.

“Inmates are treated as animals, tortured and forced to do harsh labor with little food,” Open Doors notes, explaining that prison camps in the prison country are said to be worse than Auschwitz under the Nazi regime.

“In North Korea, it is illegal to worship Jesus or have a Bible. For the last three decades, believers have been known and treated as ‘the hostile class,’” the organization explains. “Anything that gives people an alternative allegiance to the ruling Kim dynasty is deemed to be dangerous to the state. Christians must hide their faith, even from their own children.”

“As a result, Coming together to worship Jesus is a death warrant. And yet, as this report indicates, secret Christians are risking their lives to be part of a church or own a Bible. They’re facing death to worship Jesus, knowing that their only hope is in Him,” they add.

Open Doors urges us to keep our brother and sisters in North Korea in prayer.

“While I was in prison, I could not understand everything, but I felt the Christians in different countries praying for us who were imprisoned,” North Korean believer and ex-prisoner Hae-Woo. “It provided comfort, and it became a source of energy for us. Even if we cannot meet each other, let us communicate through the Spirit, in Jesus Christ.”

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