Report: Over 1,300 FCC Complaints Filed Over Softcore Superbowl Halftime Show


The softcore burlesque act that was the Super Bowl LIV halftime show is still making small waves even weeks after the performance aired.

According to WFAA Dallas, the Federal Communications Commission received 1,312 complaints regarding the “performance” by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

The performance, which set women’s progress as something more than sex objects back at least half a century, was packed with belly dancing, pole dancing, other sexually suggestive gestures and moves, and so much gyration on the part of the singers that it’s only by the grace of God that their skimpy, metallic costumes didn’t fall off.

The vile performance prompted hundreds of people to file FCC complaints, WFAA noted.

“The show was not appropriate for a general audience. It was sexually explicit and would have been considered soft porn not many years ago,” one Wyoming viewer wrote, according to the outlet.

“I do not subscribe to The Playboy Channel, we do not buy porn for $20 a flick, we simply wanted to sit down as a family and watch the Super Bowl,” a viewer from Tennessee said. “God forbid we expected to watch football and a quick concert but instead had our eyes molested.”

“As a father of 2 teen girls I feel obligated, at this point, to file a complaint as I am at my wits end,” a Maine viewer said. “We need to do better, much MUCH better. Please help put a stop this disgraceful type of behavior being pushed on our children.”

As an aside, WFAA notes that complaints came from 49 states, the majority from Texas. It seems Vermont citizens either didn’t see the show or didn’t care.

The fact that over 100 million viewers watched the Super Bowl—and, presumably, the halftime show—and less than 1,000 were bothered enough to file FCC complaints is a disappointing indication of our society’s acceptance of televised sexual debauchery.

Back in 2004, the FCC received over 540,000 complaints over the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” that caused Janet Jackson’s breast to be exposed to that halftime show’s audience.

It’s simple, folks. What appears on our TV screens is a reflection of the society that allows it. The 2020 Super Bowl also notoriously denied an ad giving a voice to abortion survivors and approved an ad featuring drag queens. As long as we continue to support this godless event with our viewership, we can only expect it to get worse.

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