Report: Pro-Abortion Terrorist Group Jane’s Revenge Threatens Mass Shooting Against Catholic Group


The radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge, which has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers, churches, and organizations, has now purportedly threatened to shoot up a Catholic ministry if a Nebraska sanctuary city law banning abortion passes.

Jane’s Revenge has issued a series of communiques through anarchist websites since an unprecedented leak revealed that U.S. Supreme Court justices would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade this summer.

As we have covered, it has vowed “open season” on pro-life entities, particularly pregnancy centers, a threat that vandals and arsonists have carried out against scores of such organizations, churches, and other groups.

Now, the group appears to have threatened to “shoot up” the St. John Paul II Newman Center in Ohama, Nebraska, where pro-life activists had gathered for a political action workshop to strategize on advancing the sanctuary city law in Bellevue and shutting down a late-term abortion facility, CBN News reported.

The shocking note was signed “Jane’s Revenge” and was found by the Students for Life’s team over the weekend as they arrived at the facility ahead of the meeting.

“If our right to abortion in Bellevue is taken away due to the attempt to pass an abortion ban and it gets passed we will shoot up your Newman center with our new AR14 rifles,” the scrawling note, which was taped to the door of the center, read.

Student for Life president, Kristan Hawkins, shared a photo of the note to her Facebook page on Saturday, explaining that she and her peers had contacted the police and had to scramble to find new accommodations for their own safety.

“We are headed towards tragedy if Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to refuse to act to protect peaceful pro-lifers from pro-abortion terrorist groups,” she also wrote. While Garland’s Department of Justice has aggressively pursued indictments against dozens of pro-life activists in recent months, not a single arrest has yet to be made in any of the attacks of vandalism and arson against pro-life facilities.

“Sadly, the incendiary comments of leaders like Hillary Clinton yesterday comparing pro-lifers to the Taliban is case in point the poisoned political climate being deliberately fostered by corporate abortion and their allies,” she added, referring to comments made by the former Secretary of State last week.

During a women’s rights summit on Thursday, Clinton said, “We have come along way on so many fronts but we are also in a period of time where there is a lot of pushback and much of the progress that has been taken for granted by too many people is under attack: literally under attack in places like Iran or Afghanistan or Ukraine — where rape is a tactic of war — or under attack by political and cultural forces in a country like our own when it comes to women’s healthcare and bodily autonomy,” Clinton said.

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