REPORT: Woman Who Died During Late-Term Abortion May Have Been Subject of Medical Experiment


A woman who died during a late-term abortion in 2017 may have been administered dangerous drugs as part of an experiment the abortionists were conducting on hundreds of women to try to make the multi-step procedure faster.

Live Action reports that Keisha Atkins was drugged repeatedly before her death and that staff of the Southwestern Women’s Option (SWO) clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico did not monitor her condition after leaving the facility.

Atkins was undergoing a late-term abortion procedure in which a doctor injects poison into an unborn baby’s heart and artificially induces dilation in the mother, who returns to the clinic three to four days later to deliver the deceased child.

Live Action says that sometimes women deliver the deceased baby earlier than expected at their homes or in their hotel rooms, however.

Atkins was given doses of fentanyl, Versed (midazolam), and oxycodone, even after reporting labored breathing, a known side effect of the drugs.

When she died, the medical examiner reported the cause of death of being due to pulmonary thromboembolism. However, Live Action notes that her autopsy report gave no indication of such a condition and emails from University of New Mexico (UNM) hospital cast doubt on this determination.

“Everything about her course was consistent with septic abortion→ refractory septic cardiomyopathy [heart failure due to infection] → death,” physician Dr. Gary Hatch wrote.

“Second review reveals no segmental or larger emboli. There just simply isn’t PE [pulmonary embolism]… There was no massive PE present at the time of scan. Period… I am also confident there was no segmental or greater PE,” radiologist Dr. Gary Hatch wrote.

Medical Investigator Lauren Dvorscak, who performed Atkins’ autopsy, admitted in another email that Atkins had suffered from sepsis.

Sepsis, Live Action explains, “is a known potential side effect of taking the abortion pill regimen, misoprostol and mifepristone, which were both given to Atkins.”

Atkins’ death was included in a medical research article on which two doctors from the abortion clinic were named as authors of a study in which hundreds of women, all of which were beyond 24 weeks pregnant, were given mifepristone during induced abortions.

The group Abortion on Trial recently discovered that abortionists Shannon Carr and Carmen Landau “experimented on hundreds of women by administering mifepristone during a late-term abortion, later publishing a study on the results. Their goal appeared to be speeding up the late-term abortion process in order to commit more abortions in a shorter period of time.”

“Landau and Sella were named as authors on the study, along with staff at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) — an abortion training facility — in which 501 women participated. Half of the women were given mifepristone during their induction abortions, while the other half were not. All of the women were past 24 weeks pregnant, and 48 of the participants were minor children,” they continue.

In addition to Atkins’ death, other complications such as “hemorrhage, cervical laceration, retained placenta, and extramural delivery” were also reported in the study, as well as seven patients who were admitted to the hospital although it is unclear if this figure included Atkins.

The study ultimately concluded that there was “no perceived benefit” to using abortion pills along with the abortion procedure, and so mifepristone was dropped from the regimen in 2017, and late-term abortions went on as before.

That is, just as deadly to the child, if not slightly safer for the mother.

Atkins, on the other hand, will never regain what she lost in what may have been part of a twisted medical study to see if babies could be terminated and evacuated from their mothers’ bodies more efficiently.

How many more women will die along with their unborn children until this wicked, institutionalized practice finally comes to an end?

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