Republican Under Fire for Telling Teenage Girl Raised By Lesbians That She Has a Right to a Father


Our culture has become so obsessed with political correctness and never ever offending anyone that speaking the truth in a civil conversation can often be the ultimate taboo.

Leftists have such a difficult time coping with the fact that there are people who hold different values than they do, that they can’t even handle a simple discussion on the merits of some of the most important cultural debates of our time.

A recent incident in Virgina is a perfect example of how incapable some people are at simply being exposed to views that are different than their own.

As Christians, we are used to constantly hearing that our beliefs are silly or superstitious, hateful or bigoted. But the leftist mentality towards sex and the family unit has become so mainstream that those who live alternative lifestyles can’t even fathom that someone would simply state their disagreement and are quick to equate it to actual gay bashing.

Prince William County Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson believes in a traditional family, and, when speaking to a high school student recently on election day, did not censor her opinions upon learning that the girl was being raised by two women.

By all accounts, it seemed to be a very simple conversation, but once the girl, Rose’s mother caught wind of it, Lawson has been dogged by the media to account for her thoughtcrime.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Prince William County Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson spoke of 15-year-old Rose BruMar’s natural right to a father when the teen told her she’s being raised by “two moms.”

Lawson confirmed to local media that she said “every child deserves a mother and father” after Rose approached her outside Gainesville Middle School on election day.

According to Lawson’s account, she and the teen had a “pleasant and civil” conversation.

The teen told her, “One of my moms doesn’t like you.”

“That caught me by surprise a bit,” Lawson said. “She told me things about her family life, and I told her in a very polite way, I said I believe children deserve a mother and a father. It was not a debate about anything.”

One of Rose’s adoptive “moms,” Evelyn BruMar, is a Democratic activist who said Lawson’s comment “meant to hurt my daughter and devalue her.”

It is so entitled and sickening to think that, in the freest nation on earth to live as a homosexual, these women are more concerned about their daughter’s feelings than they are about her engaging in a civil discussion with someone with whom they disagree.

Free and open discourse is doomed in this country if those who oppose the cultural Marxist agenda are constantly chastised for simply standing by their personal values and their belief system.

What’s really crazy, of course, is that children do deserve two parents and adults raised by homosexual parents have adamantly supported this claim.

Perhaps these women were truly offended because they spend their lives trying to justify an unnatural family unit that will, no matter how hard they try to force others to accept it, simply never be natural.