Republican Lawmakers in Ohio Pushing Bill to Make Child Drag Shows Illegal


We are living in some strange, backward times. Things that used to be generally accepted as wrong are being fully embraced while those who should be defending what’s right are staying silent and complacent. 

Children are being openly sexualized in such venues as Drag Queen Story Times, pornographic sex ed in the public school system, and increasingly vulgar television shows, magazines, and music videos.

The trend of child drag queens, who often perform in bars where adult men throw money at them, is particularly troubling. Thankfully lawmakers in Ohio are trying to change this. 

They have introduced legislation that would make it a crime to facilitate a child drag show. 

What a statement of the times! We have to make it a crime for children to participate in things that any adult should know a child should never be involved in. Children have no place in dark, seedy nightclubs where drag shows are going on. 

Yet, here we are. 

According to Sons of Liberty Media:

Republican state Rep. Tim Schaffer introduced House Bill 180, which amends Ohio’s child endangerment statute to include involving minors in any material or performance that “suggests a minor is participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality.”

As Rep. Schaffer, of Lancaster, said, “…there is a strong consensus in the community that this situation is a very bad example of parenting” and thus the bill was written that would protect children from this kind of abuse.

Take a look at this disturbing video that serves as the inspiration for this bill:

Jacob Measley is the child seen in the video being showered with dollar bills from perverted adults at a bar this past December in an alleged charity event. 

The worst part of the whole situation is that Jacob’s mother doesn’t see anything wrong with her son partaking in this kind of sexual abuse and exploitation.


But Jerri Measley, Jacob’s mother, argues that her child’s drag appearances are not sexual in nature, telling the Toledo Blade that critics have “grossly warped” the purpose of Jacob’s performances.

How does this woman not see how sexualized these performances are? In what other context would it be appropriate for a young child to dress up in makeup and a gaudy costume and dance around on a stage for grown adults at a bar? 

What honorable reason could any adult possibly have for wanting to witness this?

And what halfway decent parent would encourage, nay, facilitate her child to be objectified and sexualized in this way?

Jerri Measley told WTOL that her son just loves art, gymnastics, and dance and that what he is doing should not be used as an example of child endangerment. 

She claims she has “altered everything so it is all past the knee” but the video posted above clearly proves a different story. Not to mention the fact that (falsely) asserting she is taking precautions to ensure her son is dressed appropriately proves the fact that even she recognizes the sexual nature of the drag shows. If there is nothing sexual about it then why worry about the length of his costumes?

This mother is the reason legislators are being forced to make laws against something that should already be socially understood to be inappropriate. 

In her desperation to prove how loving and accepting she is, Jerri Measley has sold out her own son.

We can be thankful, however, that some lawmakers are at least taking notice of this and pushing for the protection of children where their parents are failing them. Hopefully, this will be the start of a national push to protect our children from the sexually-deviant, child-focused LGBT indoctrination sweeping the country. 


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