Rescuers Issue Horrifying Announcement Following Hurricane Irma In Florida

Humanitarian workers in Florida have issued a horrifying announcement stating they have no clue how many people have died as a result of Hurricane Irma’s devastation in the state.


According to The Daily Mail, this news comes amid fears of a humanitarian crisis in as 10,000 people stayed in the Florida Keys alone despite repeated warnings.

Complicating matters is the fact that communications to the area have been cut off by the storm.

“They are prepared for the worst,” The Daily Mail quotes Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi as stating, in reference to what first responders will find when they are able to get out to the area.

At least five people are known to be dead within Florida amid severe flooding and extensive damage to buildings.

Among the deceased are two police officers who were involved in a police crash yesterday as the storm roared on.

A total of 4.5 million people have been left without power in Florida as a result of the storm.

As far as the cost of damage, CNBC quotes JPMorgan as stating that Hurricane Irma will be among the top five costliest hurricanes in history – unsurprising, since Florida is one of the most affluent and populated states in America.

Highest estimates put the storm’s cost at $50 billion, which would make it the costliest in U.S. history. On the low end, estimates put the storm’s cost at $15 billion, which would rank it fourth.

Images uploaded to social media hit home how devastating the storm was.

Please keep praying for all those affected by Hurricane Irma as well as the emergency workers who will be venturing out today to assist.

Stay tuned to the live stream below for the latest on the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The Daily Mail