Researchers Paid Mexican Women To Get Pregnant And Abort For Fertility Study


As part of a study on affordable alternatives to in vitro fertilization, women in Mexico were subjected to massive doses of hormones and inseminated in order to produce embryos that were “flushed” from their system to be researched.

Those embryos that were not successfully extracted from their mothers were then chemically aborted on the researchers’ dime.

According to NPR, women in Mexico were paid $1400 to have their ovulation hyperstimulated, releasing several eggs rather than just one. They then underwent artificial insemination, resulting in early pregnancy with multiple babies, before being extracted from their bodies and examined.

NPR reports:

Researchers have conducted a controversial study that involved paying dozens of young women at a hospital near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to get artificially inseminated so their embryos could be flushed out of their bodies and analyzed for research purposes.

The study showed that embryos created that way appear to be as healthy genetically as embryos created through standard in vitro fertilization. Physically, the embryos appear to, possibly, even be healthier, the study found…

In addition, some women underwent surgical or chemical abortions afterward, when tests indicated some of the embryos might not have been successfully removed.

Some of the embryos that did survive were then used to inseminate women who wanted them, while the remainder was frozen.

I cannot put into words just how heinous it is to create human life for the sole purpose of experimenting on it. Though they were small, they were human, and they had the right to live, and not on a microscope slide or in a freezer, to say nothing of those that were murdered in the womb.

Bioethicists have also denounced the process for its relegation of women to mere vessels for the creation of embryos.

“What this essentially does is use a woman’s body as a petri dish,” says Laurie Zoloth, a bioethicist at the University of Chicago, according to NPR. “And there’s something about that that seems so profoundly disturbing.”

According to The National Review’s Wesley J. Smith, the ovarian hyperstimulation the women were subjected to can have serious side effects, even leading to death in some cases.

Smith also notes that the women used in the study were more than likely impoverished, making the exploitative nature of the study all the more blatant.

Smith points to his “friend,” bioethicist William Hurlbut of Stanford, who calls experiments such as this “outsourcing ethics.” In other words, scientists pursued this research in a country like Mexico knowing it would never see the light of day in America.

Still, the researchers defended the ethics of their horrific study, NPR continues:

Munne defends the research, noting that it was reviewed extensively and approved by the Ministry of Health of the State of Nayarit, in Mexico, and the Western Institutional Review Board in the United States. The women were fully informed of any potential risks, Munne says.

“We passed all the ethical committees and all the ethical checks and balances,” he says.

In other words, ethical committees don’t value the lives of women or unborn children either. Hardly a badge of honor for these researchers to wear.

Smith concludes:

The idea here is to create a new method for the fertility industry, in which women will be paid to mass produce embryos within their bodies — surrogate conception, let’s call it — which will then be flushed out in the lab. After that, embryos will be subjected to quality control procedures — perhaps including sex selection. Those that pass quality control will be implanted in women who want to give birth or who become pregnant as surrogate “gestational carriers,” in the dehumanizing parlance of the industry. And all for big bucks.

Struggling with infertility is painful, and I want to express my sincere love and care for the couples experiencing the inability to naturally conceive their own biological children.

However, the fertility industry cannot take the place of God, the author of all life who opens and closes our wombs as He sees fit. When men and women try to usurp any of God’s roles, we ultimately do a horrendous job of it. In this case, we do so at the cost of countless unborn lives.

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