Researchers Propose “Consent Modules” for Sex Robots to Make Their Use More “Ethical”


Over the last few years, we’ve covered the disturbing rise of “sex robots,” from the disturbing case of a man who allows his sex robot to interact with his children to the opening of robot brothels to the sicking existence of child sex robots for the sick, depraved pleasure of pedophiles. 

Now, university researchers from around the world are joining forces to design what they’re calling “ethical” sex robots. The premise is that the robots must be asked to consent before users can engage in sexual intercourse. Yes, you read that right.

In a very twisted line of reasoning, researchers believe having robots that require consent before being used for sex will “cultivate compassion in their owners.” In a time when compassion is at an all-time low in society, it’s hard to believe that consenting sex robots is the answer.

Breitbart reports:

Anco Peeters of Australia’s University of Wollongong and Pim Haselager, an associate professor at The Netherlands’ Radboud University, published a research article recently that made the case for “ethical” sex robots.

In the article, which was highlighted this week by The College Fix, Haselager and Peeters propose that sex robots should have to consent prior to intercourse with their owners. The researchers argue that a “consent-module” would cultivate compassion in their owners.

“We propose that virtue ethics can be used to address ethical issues central to discussions about sex robots. In particular, we argue virtue ethics is well equipped to focus on the implications of sex robots for human moral character. Our evaluation develops in four steps. First, we present virtue ethics as a suitable framework for the evaluation of human–robot relationships. Second, we show the advantages of our virtue ethical account of sex robots by comparing it to current instrumentalist approaches, showing how the former better captures the reciprocal interaction between robots and their users. Third, we examine how a virtue ethical analysis of intimate human–robot relationships could inspire the design of robots that support the cultivation of virtues. We suggest that a sex robot which is equipped with a consent-module could support the cultivation of compassion when used in supervised, therapeutic scenarios. Fourth, we discuss the ethical implications of our analysis for user autonomy and responsibility.”

Breitbart News reported earlier this year that feminists in Sweden were calling for a government ban on sex robots. The activists argued that sex robots normalize violence against women.

It seems as though the university researchers are forgetting one important aspect of this whole thing: they are talking about robots being made exclusively for the purpose of human sexual pleasure. Where are the ethics there? The very idea of sex robots is entirely void of ethics in the first place. There’s nothing ethical about humans having sexual intercourse with inanimate objects, no matter how “life-like” they may seem.

As if we need more sexual objectification of women in society.

On another note, how can we justify affording more compassion to robots being used for the exact things they are created for, when we, as a society at large, have no compassion for other human beings, namely the ones that are murdered by the thousands daily in the womb?

This is hardly the place to start with “ethics.” 

At any rate, so what if the robot gives consent? Does that then somehow dictate the way in which a man will treat the robot during sex? What dictates the robot’s consent, anyway? It’s a robot, its concent would be nothing like a woman’s consent. It can’t consent to anything more than our computers consent to be used by requiring we press a button to power them on. It’s only a matter of time before men will get bored with abusing a robot and need to move on to something a little more real, like a woman, to reach the same sexual pleasure. Rapists certainly don’t care if a woman, human or robot, consents at all, so sexual predators are about as likely to be deterred by consent modules on sex robots as criminals are by gun laws. 

The bottom line here, however, is that trying to make sex with robots somehow more ethical is so far downstream from actual sexual ethics. Why don’t we start at the root: a sex-crazed culture that has been telling us for decades “if it feels good, do it” where rapists are no longer put to death and women are shamed for waiting until marriage to have sex and wanting to defend themselves from any predators. 

We have it so backward, it will take much, much more than a consent model to make things right. 

It’s delusional to think sex robots will ever produce anything positive for humans. They will only serve to push society further and further into the darkness of sexual depravity. We have lost all desire to exhibit self-control over our desires and to live a life in accordance to God’s will.

God help us now.


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