Reverend Peterson Calls On Americans To ‘Speak Up, Fight Back Without Hate’


Unlike the left-wing thugs arguing that violence is “self-defense” against opinions they don’t like, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson is calling for Americans to “Speak up and fight back without hate, and you will win!”

In an article on World Net Daily describing why as a black man he supports Confederate monuments, Reverend Peterson wrote, “This battle will not be won with anger. In my recent column, ‘Charlottesville, I tried to warn you,’ I appealed to white Americans to drop their anger so they can speak up and fight back against the left in the right way. But young whites who have not had good parents – especially good fathers – are starting to fight back with anger, and now the media and the government are focused on them. It’s a trap.”

Peterson’s article focused on how pulling down monuments will not help black Americans and how he feels they are a symbol of how far America has come.

The most spirited moments of the Reverend’s article may be his inspiring message for the right-minded Americans that find themselves under attack by the left.

“Decent Americans should fight back against the attack on our history and on our freedoms, but don’t fight back with anger or it will come back on you,” Reverend Peterson wrote. “The government creates and encourages many of these problems, but when you get mad and take the wrong action, they pass laws to take away your freedoms.”


World Net Daily