College athlete-turned-activist Riley Gaines is among several female athletes suing the National Collegiate Athletics Association over its gender policy that allows male athletes to compete against and share facilities with women.

The Christian Post reports that the Independent Council on Women’s Sports is behind the lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of 16 athletes and accuses the NCAA of violating Title IX civil rights protections for women.

“By challenging the NCAA’s draconian and discriminatory policies, we’re sending a clear message: the integrity of women’s sports is non-negotiable,” said ICONS co-founder Kim Jones in a statement. “We are committed to defending the hard-won rights of women athletes everywhere. This isn’t just a legal battle; it’s a moral stand for equality and justice in sports.”

Gaines has become a figurehead of the movement against incorporating men into women’s sports after tying with transgender athlete Lia Thomas at a widely reported swimming match that highlighted the advantage biologically male Thomas enjoyed over his competitors.

She has since revealed that she and her fellow swimmers were made to share a locker room with Thomas, who is a fully intact male, and former swim team members of Thomas’ have anonymously shared any concerns they voiced about his presence on the team where ignored.

“We’re not just fighting for ourselves, we’re fighting for every young girl who dreams of competing in sports,” Gaines said in a statement. “I’m thankful for ICONS’ commitment to our cause, especially their financial commitment, allowing us to take this to court. I urge anyone who cares about protecting women’s sport to help get behind us.”

Link: Riley Gaines Among Female Athletes Suing NCAA Over Anti-Woman Trans Policies

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