RNC Votes to Stand With Trump on Transgender Military Ban


Well, at least the whole party isn’t full of rhinos!

After a long first year of tension between Trump and establishment Republicans, it’s nice to see the Republican National Convention is willing to stand with Trump on one very important issue: transgender military service.

Our country is only as safe as our military is strong, so it is absolutely insane that people who identify as transgender–i.e., have been diagnosed with a serious psychological condition–are allowed to serve.

Military service is not a right, like the right to vote or a fair trial. The military must choose its members based on skill and ability, for the sake of keeping our nation secure. We have the strongest military in the history of the world, and it’s asinine to turn it into the freak SJW social experiment the Democrats would like it to be.

Support for the military has always been a key part of the Republican party platform, so they revealed in their winter meeting that they will remain committed to a strong US military effort.

AP Washington reports:

The Republican National Committee is siding with President Donald Trump on his order to bar transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military.

In a resolution passed at its annual winter meeting Friday, the committee voted to support Trump’s August demand that military recruitment policy consider transgender as “a disqualifying psychological and physical” condition.

Trump’s proposed ban on transgender individuals serving in the military has gone through the ringer this year, so receiving the unilateral support of his party is an important step forward.

AP continues:

Trump’s order has suffered legal setbacks. Three federal courts have ruled against the ban, prompting the RNC to take the position standing with Trump.

An effect of one court ruling was that the military would be required to allow transgender people to enlist beginning Jan. 1.

The issue has divided the GOP. Some Republicans in the Senate, including military veterans Joni Ernst of Iowa and John McCain of Arizona, have objected to Trump’s ban.

The Defense Department is undertaking a review of recruiting policies, a process expected to be completed in the coming months. RNC member Bob Kabel said he expects Trump to abide by the recommendations in the Pentagon’s review.

It is high time Republicans stopped playing the liberal’s politically correct game and made an effort to stand up for common sense and security, particularly when it comes to the military strength of our nation. Now is not the time to be playing silly games to accommodate people who have absolutely no place in the armed forces.

Let’s hope and pray we will see the ban come into full effect very soon.