Ron Howard’s Remarks On President Trump’s “Morality” Draw Massive Backlash


Last week, Hollywood fixture and ardent Democrat Ron Howard rang in the New Year with a tirade against President Trump.

How festive.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Howard responded to another Twitter user who posed quite a valid question: “Why is the smallest of achievements heralded as better than the second coming of Jesus when it comes to Obama, but with Trump it is only negativity from Hollywood & Democrats?”

A sane, rational answer to such a question would be great, as it continues to amaze us just how incapable the left is of acknowledging any of the many things the Trump Administration has done that even benefit their pet causes, such as providing funding to end the nation’s massive rape kit backlog or calling for governments worldwide to legalize homosexuality.

But, naturally, Mr. Howard offered nothing but an incoherent, ad hominem-laced rant which served to demonstrate Hollywood’s immense hatred for the President rather than explain it.

“In the entertainment industry many who have known/worked w/ Trump think that while his reality show was fun and ran a long time,” Howard wrote, “he’s a self-serving, dishonest,morally bankrupt ego maniac who doesn’t care about anything or anyone but his Fame & bank account & is hustling the US.”

Unsurprisingly, masses of people still capable of critical thought descended on Howard’s tweet and pointing out that, though Trump is very, very clearly an imperfect man, he is far from the antichrist leftists make him out to be.

Some even dug up this photo, presumably taken back before Donald Trump abandoned the Democrat party:

Among the more notable responses to Howard’s rant was one from Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“Let’s see here Ron…,” Pollack wrote, “President Trump gave up his billion dollar lifestyle to save this country. President Trump donates his ENTIRE salary. President Trump was loved by Hollywood before he became a Republican. What are you going to do when he wins again in 2020?”

In an editorial on Friday, former president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Washington Times columnist Everett Piper asked the question on everyone’s minds: all of a sudden, Ron Howard and Hollywood cares about morality?

“This moralizing comes from a leader of an industry that, for decades, has lectured all of us rubes in heartland America about our beliefs in traditional morality being backward and prudish,” Piper wrote. “This is the club that, for years, has shouted, “who are you to judge?” when conservative Christians have objected to the sexualization of our children.”

“This is the superior class that has told us drag queen story hours are a good idea for preschoolers, he continued. “These are the wise aristocrats who continue to chastise all of us ignorant peasants for wanting to cling to our God and our guns. These are the people who believe middle schoolers are better off knowing more about condoms than the U.S. Constitution. These are the oligarchs who believe socialism, in spite of 100 million dead at its hand, is a moral good.”

Piper continues:

These are the pedagogues who lecture the world about fossil fuels while they fly in their private jets. They demand we redistribute our wealth while they hoard their own. They protest the principles of the United States while they bow to the power of China. They claim to be feminists while they deny the fact of the female. They march for MeToo while accusing women who want their own bathrooms and their own sports of being bigots.

They expose themselves on their red carpets while they bemoan the objectification of women. They claim that “black lives matter” while they enslave generations of African-Americans to government largesse. They lament homeless children at our borders while they celebrate the killing of infants in their clinics. They tell us walls are evil while they live in their gated communities.

These are the folks who, to quote their high priest, Barack Obama, believe they are “the ones we’ve been waiting for and they are the change we seek.”

They celebrate sodomy, normalize dysphoria, demean women and abuse our kids. They encourage 10-year-old boys to pretend they are girls. Their teachers instruct primary school students in the techniques of masturbation. Their magazines coach teenage girls how to engage in anal sex. They cheer at the loss of innocence. They champion debauchery. They mock fidelity. They malign virtue while the practice vice.

And yet, Ron Howard presumes to lecture us about morality.


Here at Activist Mommy, we have no qualms about calling our president to a higher standard on the occasion that we disagree with a course of action he takes. We do not claim him as our perfect, spotless savior, and anyone who believes otherwise is sorely mistaken.

We do, however, refuse to be given a lecture on morality from any Hollywood elitist with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let Hollywood leftists abandon their pornographic productions, their high-dollar donations to Planned Parenthood, and their push for the sexualization of our children. Then, maybe, they can talk to us about morality.

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