‘Roseanne’ Reboot Will Feature Network TV’s FIRST “Gender Non-Binary” Character


The popular 90s show, Roseanne, recently announced a reboot that features most of the same characters from the original show and a few new ones—namely, the young children of on-screen couple Darlene and David (played by Sarah Gilbert and Johnny Galecki).

But like so many modern sitcoms, Roseanne‘s reboot has decided to wade—or rather, plunge—into the gender fluidity issue. Reports have said that of Darlene and David’s two children, one will be a 9-year-old son who’s “gender creative”—whatever that means.

Check it out (via Fox News):

The casting notice describes the character as “sensitive” and “effeminate.”

Mark “displays qualities of both male and female young child traits,” according to the casting call.

Roseanne is no stranger to controversial storylines. The show made headlines during its first go-around when it featured a lesbian kissing scene.

This will inevitably be a celebrated feat by the LGBT community, as the 9-year-old is the first “gender non-binary” character to appear on network TV (the show will air on ABC).

Not that ABC hasn’t pushed the envelope about a million other times, but this is only the beginning for stuff like this. Consider that Roseanne’s most controversial move was once a kiss between two women—that’s sadly a common scene on network television today.

Another television show, Billions, features a gender non-binary character and is a product of Showtime. The character—played by Asia Kate Dillon, who’s gender non-binary in real life—is addressed using the pronoun “they” in the show.

Placing gender fluid and non-binary characters in mainstream television shows are the next step in normalizing a culture that de-affiliates a person’s biological gender with their “gender identity.”

Reality is that a woman is a woman and a man is a man.

There is no in-between; there is no “gender non-binary.”

Sources: Fox News, Showbiz 411