Rosie O’Donnell Furious With Paul Ryan; Tells Him He’s ‘Going Straight to Hell’


It’s common knowledge that Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole has been completely overrun by wacky liberal progressives who seem to lose their minds anytime conservatives make headway in actually restoring our country to prosperity.

The latest celebrity to make a fool of themselves in the public square is Rosie O’Donnell, who should be used to looking silly by now given how she can’t seem to keep a single political opinion to herself for love or money.

In her latest embarrassing Twitter rant she let loose on Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for his recent support of the GOP tax plan. Apparently she doesn’t like the idea of the average American keeping more of the money they work for.

So angry was O’Donnell she told Ryan he was going “straight to hell.”

Here’s more from Fox News:

“paul ryan – don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell,” O’Donnell wrote Monday.

“U screwed up fake altar boy,” O’Donnell added.

She finished her holiday attack with the hashtag: “#JUDASmuch” in a reference to the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

The actress, who has famously tussled with Trump, last week offered to pay two senators $2 million each to vote against the tax bill. Her bribe to Sens. Jeff Flake and Susan Collins didn’t work and no GOP senator voted against Trump’s signature legislative achievement.

What seemed to set O’Donnell off was a Christmas video message that Ryan posted Saturday honoring the birth of Jesus.

A rep for Ryan responded only by saying: “We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!”

It seems O’Donnell was attempting to draw the inference that Jesus would somehow be a big fan of more government taxation and welfare programs.

She’s right and wrong. Jesus does like welfare programs. When they are created and funded by the church and private individuals who are giving generously from hearts transformed by the gospel.

You’ll not find compelled, forced charity — a phrase that should quite clearly be recognized as an oxymoron — anywhere in the Scriptures commanded by God. What you will find are countless commands for Christians to love their neighbors and take care of their needs generously, all to the glory of God.

On top of that, one has to wonder why Rosie seems to have such a problem with the middle class keeping more of their money and with business owners being less taxed? After all, with more revenue at their disposal, employees can be given raises, more jobs created, and bonuses handed out.

Evangelist Franklin Graham posted this about the incident on Facebook:

O’Donnell’s madness didn’t end with Speaker Ryan either. She also went on a verbal tirade against conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, using some rather nasty and offensive language. Shapiro fired back by reporting her to Twitter for “harassment.”

Twitter at first declined to remove the tweet, but then later reversed their decision.