Rugby Star Who Refused to Kneel for BLM Cites Those He Says Are “Burning Bibles and Churches”


Earlier this month, we wrote about the very brave and on-fire Christian NBA player, Jonathan Isaacs, who became the one and only baller in the league not to kneel during the National Anthem in solidarity with the progressive Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, Billy Vunipola of England professional rugby’s Saracens, is explaining why he also refused to join in such a gesture, also pointing to his devout faith.

Vunipola, who was born in Australia to parents from the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga, was a bit blunter about his opposition to the group, who he accuses of having been “burning churches and Bibles”.

“We were asked if we wanted to take a knee or not, and what I saw in terms of that movement [Black Lives Matter] was not aligned with what I believe in. They were burning churches and Bibles. I can’t support that,” the rugby star told “The Good, The Bad & The Rugby” podcast, as quoted by the Christian Institute and reported by Breitbart.

“Even though I am a person of colour, I’m still more a person of, I guess, Jesus,” he continued.

As Breitbart explains, there have been a spate of attacks on Christian churches in the wake of the resurgence of often violent Black Lives Matter protests, although not all directly connected to the group.

Numerous statues of Christian missionaries have been toppled amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter unrest, which has morphed over time into a protest over the death of George Floyd to general agitation against Western society, symbols of Western history, and various alleged social injustices such as “systemic racism” and “white privilege”.

In one Roman Catholic church in Florida, a statue of Jesus himself was beheaded, just weeks after prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King had declared that “All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends” should “come down”, denouncing them as “a gross form white supremacy.”

Anti-Christian BLM activism has not been confined to the United States, however, with, for example, a mosaic of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus in the Netherlands, dedicated to the memory of Free Polish soldiers who had helped to liberate the country during the Second World War, being defaced with the ‘BLM’ slogan in June.

While the left loves to pat themselves on the back for any virtue-signaling display of solidarity with Black Lives Matter, the real courage comes from those who are willing to go against the grain.

These men are in the public eye and subject to scorn and hatred from those who think that, because of the color of their skin, they should think a certain way.

But they’ve chosen instead to obey the Word of the Lord above all else, and take a quite literal stand for what is right, and good, and true, and honorable.

We applaud athletes like Isaacs and Vunipola for making this choice to follow Christ and not the world.

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