Russian News Outlet Mocks US Transgender Soldiers, Calls Them ‘T*anny Troops’


Having transgender troops in the military was, is, and always will be a bad idea for a plethora of reasons, and while that may not be a fact that sits well with the liberals in our country, that doesn’t make it any less true.

One reason this is dangerous is because, like it or not, transgenderism is really a mental illness and if a person can’t even affirm their own biological gender or sex, how can you trust them to be in sound mind with weapons in a stressful combat situation? Not to mention gender dysphoria is usually comorbid with other mental illnesses, leaving fellow troops working along side these individuals at risk.

Another reason this isn’t a good idea is because there are many nations around the world who aren’t as “progressive” as we are and seeing soldiers who are transgender makes us look weak in their eyes, and that’s a bad place to be when it comes to foreign policy. We as a nation need to look as strong as possible.

Don’t think this is really an issue? Just take a look at how Russian news outlets are reacting to the allowance of transgenders into the military.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Sputnik, a state-funded news agency in Russia best known in the US for disseminating fake news during the 2016 election cycle, published a story with the title “Tranny Troops: US Military to Accept Transgender Recruits Beginning 2018.”

The article continues, “Following a capitulation by the administration of US President Donald Trump to a federal court ruling overturning a Trump attempt to ban transgender US military recruits, American soldiers will now comprise a much wider spectrum of humanity.”

The rest of the short article cites a few facts about the legal process to stop Donald Trump’s transgender military ban.

Sputnik portrays the US and western Europe as decadent and failing imperial powers, and often uses stories about LGBTQ issues to show its readers how terrible the West is.

Comments on the article showed that readers understood the point. “US military about to get even worse after not winning a war for 70+ years,” one commenter said, without explaining why the military would get worse.

What kind of response did people expect would come from other countries when they found out some of our men in the military dress, act, and even get surgeries and take medications to become girls?

Not only does that increase national security risks, when this information gets around, it puts those soldiers who are transgender and those serving with them in increased danger.

It’s critical our military look strong and command respect. Anything that undermines that causes us to lose our edge psychologically speaking and invites threats we don’t want or need.

Let’s hope this is one policy that soon gets reversed before people get hurt.