The City of Sacramento, California has become the nation’s first “transgender sanctuary city” after passing an ordinance that would prohibit city resources from being used to aid in the enforcement of laws in other jurisdictions that restrict access to transgender treatments.

Consider, then, the fact that the majority of laws around the country seeking to ban transgender “medicine” concern children and that California has already established itself as a haven for adults who want to give children hormone-altering drugs or surgery without adequate parental consent.

The Center Square notes that 20 states already have laws restricting transgender medical intervention for minors and that a strong majority of Democrat and Republican voters favor limiting access to these treatments for adults over the age of 18. In Europe, where the protocol first became established, once-prominent gender clinics are rolling back the use of puberty blockers for children who are diagnosed as gender dysphoric.

Yet the “progressive” city of California wants to do what it can to undermine the sovereignty of other localities by banning the use of its resources to “detain individuals seeking care, or otherwise to cooperate with jurisdictions seeking to enforce laws criminalizing gender affirming care in other jurisdictions,” as the city resolution states.

This is really so incredibly sobering. Let’s let it sink in again:

As many localities and states seek to protect children from the barbaric experimentation that has been dubbed “gender-affirming care,” the representatives of the people of Sacramento are opting to use their resources to prevent adults from stopping people who want to medically manipulate the sexual development of children.

It’s beyond the pale. Let us realize the power of our voice in the public square — and just what can happen when we allow dangerous ideas to outrank the universal, biblical morality on which our nation was founded.

Link: Sacramento Becomes “Sanctury City” for People Giving Trans Treatments to Children

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