Sam Sorbo Offers Free Lesson Plans For Struggling Crisis Homeschooler Parents


As families across the nation continue to grapple with drawn-out school closures due to the novel coronavirus, veteran homeschoolers are coming out of the woodwork with resources to help them succeed in managing their child’s education at home.

In a partnership with the Texas Home School Coalition, Sam Sorbo created Corona Virus Homeschooling, a website packed full of free homeschooling resources, including simple, realistic schedules and thorough lesson plans for kindergarten through fifth grade.

According to WND, the site is described as the first phase of an emergency COVID-19 response plan to offer Americans free home-education resources, and new materials are rolled out every week for children of all ages.

“Schooling from home during the coronavirus?” the site’s landing page asks visitors, before quickly reassuring them, “Don’t worry, you’ve got this!”

The site encourages parents to “take a deep breath” before plunging into an education plan.

“The pressure is off!” it continues. “Kids learn naturally as they play. So don’t think you need to spend 8 hours a day on lessons. You can complete the free daily projects we send, just do the fun stuff, or simply learn life hacks from parents who have been where you are. Then, sit back and watch the magic. The learning will happen.”

“You aren’t alone,” the site goes on, pointing visitors to its Facebook group for even more support. “Turns out the whole country is suddenly learning to school from home. Thankfully, millions of families have done this before. And millions more are trying it for the first time. Let’s help each other!”

And, should parents be interested in switching to homeschooling full time, Coronavirus Homeschooling also offers an informative section explaining each state’s homeschooling laws.

Sorbo, who educates her three children at home with her husband, actor Kevin Sorbo, says the response to the site has been “fantastic.”

“People love the site,” she told WND in an interview. “It’s really easy to navigate and it’s free. It’s soup to nuts; it’s like, ‘Here you go. This is how you do it.’ Which is what people crave.”

Sorbo predicted that parents using the website will discover that they are far more capable and qualified to educate their children than they’d ever realized and then wonder, “Oh my gosh, what was I afraid of?”

“I’m very hopeful that this fall, we’re going to have a bunch of parents who will say, ‘I’m not sending my kid back into that institution,'” she told WND, suggesting that “crisis schooling” amid the coronavirus pandemic may in fact lead to a surge of new homeschool families.

Sorbo told WND that she wonders why shows like ABC’s “The View” aren’t talking about homeschooling, an especially timely topic with so many of the nation’s schools shut down: “I think they might be afraid that the parents would succeed.”

Sorbo, the author of “They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate,” has been producing daily videos on homeschooling since the COVID-19 lockdowns first began to hit America. The veteran homeschooling speaker and writer said the Texas Home School Coalition reached out to her to help promote the website.

Her aim is “to encourage parents to embrace the opportunity they are being given to have a stronger relationship, a stronger bond with their children as a family.”

“It’s an uphill battle, though, because parents are afraid,” she told WND, as some parents are apprehensive about homeschooling “because they been taught that they’re incapable of doing anything that they haven’t been formally instructed on by a teacher at a blackboard.”

“They think education is school, but it’s not,” she said, adding that “home education” may be a better and more accurate term than “homeschooling.”

“School is not necessarily an education,” she said. “We have kids graduating schools that don’t read.”

“Maybe this is your golden moment to rethink the future of your children and your family,” she said, urging parents to seize this incredibly rare opportunity.  “And what a blessing that would be.”


Many, many families right now are struggling to cope with the coronavirus crisis and its myriad effects on day-to-day life—to say nothing of being expected to suddenly educate their children at home.

But, if parents can set the stress aside for just a moment and take advantage of incredible resources like this, they might be pleasantly surprised and abundantly blessed.

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