Samantha Bee Admits to Downplaying Andrew Cuomo Scandal Because He Was “Hero” of Pandemic

Samantha Bee's Christmas on I.C.E. Flickr: slgckgc

Comedienne Samantha Bee has admitted that her show struggled with how to cover the mounting sexual harassment accusations made against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last year as he was seen as a “hero” and a “dad” to Democrats in the early days of the pandemic.

Cuomo resigned as governor in late August following the release of a report from an investigation ordered by the New York state attorney general’s office which concluded he was responsible for several instances of sexual harassment against staffers, a State Trooper, and other women.

“So it’s not like — I was not a Cuomosexual, particularly,” Bee recently told Kara Fisher on the podcast “Sway,” as reported by The Blaze. She was referring to a term used to describe enthusiastic fans of the former governor.

“And there were many, many times, actually, during the pandemic, where we had big, you know, show-wide conversations about, how do we handle Cuomo? Because he’s super problematic,” the “Full Frontal” host explained.

“But the story about him out in the world was like, he’s a hero,” Bee continued. “And he’s the only person speaking about the pandemic in a fatherly way. And he is our dad and whatever.”

In the spring and summer of 2020, even as case rates were raging in New York state, Cuomo was presented by Democrats as the left’s answer to then-President Donald Trump.

This seems to have left Bee and her team conflicted once the sexual harassment allegations against the now-former governor began to mount.

The Blaze notes that in March of 2020, Bee referred to Cuomo as “America’s Dad.”

“And so it felt [like] a place where it wasn’t quite the time to be like, hey, just like, check it out, he’s actually an a**hole,” she told Fisher. “We felt like we would just miss completely with our audience. And people weren’t really there to hear that at that moment…”

Cuomo has consistently denied the multiple allegations of sexual harassment in the form of inappropriate comments and unwanted touching and has even gone as far as to blame a generation gap as well as his Italian heritage for his supposedly misunderstood behavior.

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