San Diego College Students Asked to Discuss Pedophilia as a Sexual Preference


We are hurtling down the slippery slope of sexual depravity at an alarming rate in America. Wrong is now right and right is now wrong. The social paradigm has completely flipped and nowhere is this more obvious than in America’s educational institutions.

In San Diego, California, one student was appalled by the disturbing LGBT propaganda taught in one of his classes. When the instructor asked the students to consider whether or not pedophilia should be considered a sexual preference (rather than the sick criminal offense that it is), he knew something wasn’t right.  

Big League Politics reports that an American college student recently shared a powerpoint slide from one of his college classes which described pedophilia in “strickingly ambiguous terms:”

Alex Malazza, a self-identifying Catholic student of San Diego, posted evidence of the sick propaganda on his Twitter account. He specified that the “lesson” took place at a state university- while it’s unclear exactly where he’s a student, the major state university in his city is San Diego State University.

The twisted lesson asks students to share their opinions on the notion of pedophilia as a sexual orientation. It should go without saying that it simply shouldn’t be regarded as an acceptable or fundamental orientation by anyone in American society.

Mazzara described being subjected [sic] an infamous Vice News video that documented the plight of ‘non-offending’ pedophiles.

How utterly inappropriate and sick!! This kind of conversation should not be happening anywhere in America, especially in an educational setting amongst young, naïve college students. The LGBT propagandists  are master sowers and understand that all it takes to effect social change is planting seeds, and that’s exactly what they are doing in American academia.

Pedophiles have long been attempting to come out of the shadows via organizations like the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) whose express purpose is the decriminalization of pedophilia.

And with all the widespread acceptance of “alternative” sexual “preferences,” despite pedophilia still being a criminal act, we are seeing more aggressive pushes to desensitize people to it and socially normalize it.

Drag Queen Story Hours have already illustrated how easy it is for the LGBT to take hold of something that used to be good and innocent for children and turn it into wicked depravation. It also shows just how determined the LGBT is to remove all barriers, restrictions, and stigmas that stand in the way of their complete and total access to young children everywhere.

We should be concerned that the discussion on how to classify pedophilia as anything other than a heinous crime is popping up in collegiate discussions when we consider the success of the LGBT in normalizing gender dysphoria as a lifestyle rather than a serious mental illness.

It is truly disturbing that we are on the cusp of fighting to keep pedophilia illegal. What kind of society will America become if we continue in our lukewarm complacency? Be vigilant, the fight is far from over.

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