San Francisco Drag Queens Perform Outside Homes in “Meals on Heels” Program


The coronavirus pandemic has seen businesses of every stripe crippled by government-imposed closures and restrictions. Many business owners, especially in the service industry, have had to get creative in order to keep the lights on.

In the case of nightclubs, however, one drag club in San Francisco has concocted a remarkably inappropriate solution to their inability to host shows indoors: a drag queen food delivery service called “Meals on Heels.”

“COVID hit and we thought we were going to maybe be shut down for a couple weeks, or a month or two, and it’s turned into a much longer thing,” said D’Arcy Drollinger, owner of the Oasis nightclub, in an interview with ABC7.

“You get dinner, some kind of signature Oasis cocktail, delivered by a drag queen, who also does a curbside, socially distant, lip-sync for you,” said Drollinger.

“For D’Arcy to create this, and have this opportunity for drag queens to perform live and have the audience feel that energy again, that just means the world, and I am really ready for that energy,” said drag performer “Lindsay Slowhands.”

For those patrons considerate enough not to subject their neighbors to a drag show, Drollinger says food can also be picked up at the club. Most people, ABC7 counters, “don’t mind giving their neighbors something to smile at.”

“It was fantastic! It was so much fun! I loved it! I’ve never had food delivered like that!” customer Kevin Dubay told the outlet.

Drollinger hopes that the shows “bring some normalcy back to people’s lives. They get to see a drag queen like the used to in the old days.”

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