San Francisco Offers Transgender Residents 97 Options for Gender, 18 Preferred Pronouns

Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

The city of San Francisco has launched a program to offer guaranteed income to transgender residents, identifying 97 possible genders and 18 preferred pronouns its recipients may identify as or use.

Last week, Mayor London Breed announced the Guaranteed Income for Trans People program (GIFT) which uses taxpayer funds to provide a monthly stipend of $1,200 for 18 months to address “financial insecurity within trans communities.”

“We know that our trans communities experience much higher rates of poverty and discrimination,” Breed explained in a statement, “so this program will target support to lift individuals in this community up.”

Guaranteed income programs have been a favorite of progressive politicians and are being considered by cities across the U.S., a trend which notably began with Stockton, California’s program in 2020. Such programs have picked up steam in the wake of the pandemic, and GIFT will join programs for pregnant black and Pacific Islander women and a subsidy for artists impacted by COVID-19.

In March, Palm Springs, California, announced a similar guaranteed income program for transgender residents.

KTLA reports that “The pilot program is the first guaranteed income initiative to focus solely on trans people and will provide regular, unconditional cash transfers to individuals or households who qualify, according to the mayor’s office.”

“This differs from other social safety net practices by providing a steady, predictable stream of cash to recipients to spend as they see fit without limitations,” the report continues. “The GIFT program will provide eligible trans individuals with temporary income and a range of wrap-around direct services, such as gender-affirming medical and mental health care, as well as financial coaching, according to the mayor’s office.”

The application for the program offers prospective recipients of the guaranteed income stipend with 97 options and nearly three pages of options for “gender identity,” a large portion of which appears to be indigenous terms for transgender or gender non-binary identities.

The first option on the list, interestingly, is “cis-gender woman” which is the term gender theory adherents use for a biological woman, then “woman,” “transgender woman,” and “woman of trans experience, with “boi,” “gender outlaw,” and “FTX” included among an array of other selections.

“Questioning,” “I don’t use labels,” and “declined” round off the list with a final option to write in one’s own gender identity.

“Sex assigned at birth” offers the options “male,” “female,” “intersex” (hermaphrodism), “unknown,” “not recorded,” and “declined,” while the choices for “sexual orientation” offer a full 18 options including “don’t know” and an option to fill in any orientation that is not listed.

Applicants may choose “all that apply” from a list of pronouns that includes “she/her/his,” “he/him/his,” “they/them/theirs,” along with options such as “co/co/cos,” “zie/zim/zis,” “fae/faer/faers” and “no pronouns/just name.”

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