San Francisco Overdoses “Dwarfed” COVID-19 Deaths for 2020


While the city of San Francisco, California has been living under strict coronavirus restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic, deaths due to drug overdoses far outnumbered those due to the novel disease.

In fact, according to reporting from the San Francisco Chronicle, the overdoses may have even been more severe if it was not for a life-saving drug employed by paramedics in such cases.

From January to November 2020, 621 people died as a result of drug overdose in the city that is known for its permissive approaches to drug use and homelessness.

Meanwhile, just 173 people died due to COVID-19 in the same time period, Disrn reports.

Officials say that the drug Narcan likely saved thousands of lives when used by first responders treating overdoses.

In 2019, 441 people died due to drug overdoses in the City By the Bay, which was a 70% increase from the year before.

The most common culprit is the notoriously addictive and deadly opioid fentanyl which has dominated the drug market in San Francisco.

“The strict lockdowns imposed by California’s government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has also fueled the sharp spike in deaths. With city services largely shut down, individuals needing help are often finding themselves alone and increasingly isolated,” Disrn noted.

The value California’s lawmakers place on the lives of its residents certainly is twisted. In a professed effort to save lives, they’re devaluing the quality of life for millions of Californians.

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