Sanctuary City Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Murder, Stealing Cop’s Gun


As the liberal leaders of so-called sanctuary cities see it, those pesky feds prevent their liberal enclaves from being happy places. As such, they go out of their way to shield illegal immigrants from having to answer for their undocumented status.


In essence, leaders of these safe spaces thumb their nose at federal laws in a bid to have the liberal nirvana they so desire. That’s not only outrageous, it becomes downright irresponsible when you consider that some of these illegals may be violent criminals on the loose.


Here is yet another example of that. As Breitbart shares, “An illegal immigrant being monitored by immigration officials is now accused of murder in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, California.”


Beyond being accused of murder, 18-year-old Erick Garcia-Pineda “allegedly stole a San Francisco Police officer’s service pistol from a police vehicle,” according to Breitbart. He allegedly used that same pistol to commit murder, and he’s also suspected of committing other crimes in the area.


“Police say they noticed the illegal immigrant’s monitoring bracelet and used it to link Pineda to several other crimes, including five robberies and two other shooting incidents,” Breitbart notes.


While it’s clear that he was already on the radar due to the ankle bracelet, Garcia-Pineda is the perfect example on why the concept of a so-called sanctuary city is completely bogus. Shielding people from answering questions because your sympathetic to their plight is unbelievably misguided. 


Does that mean that all illegals are violent criminals? Of course not. However, we don’t know which ones are, and which ones aren’t. That’s made all the more challenging when people are not properly documented.  


How can anyone in good conscience claim this is not a problem when we have so many examples of violent immigrants essentially roaming the streets?

Source: Breitbart