Sarah Silverman Has Been Making Disgusting Jokes About Pedophilia for Years…Why Does She Still Have a Career?


Sarah Silverman is a disgusting piece of trash.

I’m sorry.

There’s comedy, there’s being edgy, and then there’s being downright disgusting just for the sake of shock value.

Silverman isn’t very funny even when she’s not being completely disgusting, so why does she still have a career?

In the era of #MeToo, when everyone who is anyone is accusing or being accused of sexual abuse, the one major issue in the entertainment industry that goes unmentioned is that of pedophilia.

So why can one’s man career be destroyed for some unsavory jokes, while people like Patton Oswald and Sarah Silverman, who have been joking about sexually abusing children for years, go untouched?

Here are some of the things she’s tweeted in the past:



There is, of course, also the recently resurrected skit from 2010 she did with Patton Oswald, for clearly absolutely no reason but to make pedophilia seem lighthearted.

Not only is the skit, in which Silverman invites a child to urinate in her mouth, absolutely abhorrent, it also doesn’t even make sense.

The skit was part of her show on Comedy Central, which ended in 2010 (although one certainly couldn’t blame Comedy Central for firing her after this skit, we doubt that’s why it ended).

Currently, Silverman hosts a show on Hulu called I Love You, America With Sarah Silverman, which seems pretty ironically titled considering how little respect she seems to have for America.

It premiered last year, and was renewed for a second season, due to air in September.

Let’s make sure that never happens.

If the left wants to hold Hollywood to #MeToo standards, let’s hold them all to #MeToo standards, and anyone who makes a mockery of the heinous abuse of small children that happens each and every day in this country absolutely should not be allowed to work in Hollywood.

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